No. 18- Bud Dupree

Alvin “Bud” Dupree

Bud Dupree

 Position School Height Weight
DE Kentucky 6’4″ 1/8 257
Workout Results
Bench Press N/A Broad Jump 11’6″
40 yd Dash 4.56 20 yd Shuttle 4.47
Vertical Jump 42 Cone Drill 7.49
Bud Dupree was a great contributor for the Kentucky Wildcats defense totaling 7.5 sacks last year. One of Dupree’s best attributes is his great first step quickness. He is a freak athlete and shows the ability to bend around the corner. He also shows good strength and holds up well in the run game. Pme area of weakness for Dupree is that he lacks a wide variety of pass rush moves and at times his motor runs hot and cold. However, Bud Dupree is known as a high character guy and has the work ethic and traits to develop into a great starting outside linebacker in a 3-4.

No. 19- Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon

 Position School Height Weight
RB Wisconsin 6’0″ 5/8 215
Workout Results
Bench Press 19 Broad Jump 10’6″
40 yd Dash 4.52 20 yd Shuttle 4.07
Vertical Jump 35 Cone Drill 7.04
Gordon had a tremendous, record-breaking season rushing for 2587 rushing yards as a Wisconsin Badger. As a runner he showed great balance and was a tough runner this season. Gordon may not have great size, but he consistently was gaining extra yards after contact. He also showed enough speed to be a home run threat at the next level. One area that is still to be seen in Gordon’s game is his receiving ability. Wisconsin really did not use him to much in that area of their offensive game plan so it is still to be seen how effective a receiver he can be at the next level. However, his quickness and vision should allow him to be a very good NFL starting Running Back.

No. 20- Ereck Flowers

Ereck Flowers

 Position School Height Weight
OT Miami 6’6″ 329
Workout Results
Bench Press 37 Broad Jump 8’5″
40 yd Dash 5.31 20 yd Shuttle N/A
Vertical Jump 27 Cone Drill N/A
Flowers had a great year lining up on the blind side of the Miami Hurricane offensive line. He showed great strength run blocking and continually shows the ability to get to the second level. He has decent feet, but at times was exposed to speedy rushers. An example was when he faced Eli Harold at Virginia as he was constantly exposed. He must improve his foot speed, but the traits as effective run blocker are their. Flowers best position at the next level will be kicking to Right Tackle where he can be an effective starter for years to come.

No. 21- Arik Armstead

Arik Armstead


 Position School Height Weight
DT Oregon 6’7″ 1/8 292
Workout Results
Bench Press 24 Broad Jump 9’9″
40 yd Dash 5.10 20 yd Shuttle 4.53
Vertical Jump 34 Cone Drill 7.57
Arik Armstead is one of those boom or bust prospects this year. He has top ten potential talent, but played very inconsistently for Oregon this past year. He will flash and totally over power an offensive guard like he did against highly rated Tre’ Jackson from Florida State. Armstead then will have a string of plays where he is nowhere to be seen. A defensive line coach will love to have his kind of talent on his football team, but it will just be a question of whether he can put it all together. At 6’7″ 292 lbs. he displays great athleticism and power when engaged with an offensive lineman. He fits best either as a 4-3 DT or as a 5 technique defensive end in a 3-4 Defense.

No. 22- D.J. Humphries

D.J. Humphries

D.j. Humphries

 Position School Height Weight
OT Florida 6’3″ 3/4 222
Workout Results
Bench Press 26 Broad Jump 8’8″
40 yd Dash 5.12 20 yd Shuttle 4.64
Vertical Jump 31 Cone Drill 7.87
D.J Humphries was a highly touted high school recruit and now came out as a Junior from Florida. Humphries played this year a little light at around 285 lbs, but has put weight on during the draft process and seems to hold it well. Humphries is a very athletic offensive tackle with a very good kick slide and control. He shows good strength in the run game, even though at times lunges a little bit too much. Humphries plays through the whistle and has a good nasty streak. I see Humphries having one of the highest potential for the offensive tackles, but will just have to continue to develop. He is similar to a poor-man’s Tyron Smith coming out and he has the same pro bowl potential.

No. 23- Marcus Peters

Marcus Peters

marcus peters

 Position School Height Weight
CB Washington 5’11” 5/8 197
Workout Results
Bench Press 17 Broad Jump 10’1″
40 yd Dash 4.53 20 yd Shuttle 4.08
Vertical Jump 37.5 Cone Drill 7.08
Marcus Peters has all the attributes to be a starting corner at the next level as he was very productive at Washington. The best part of his game is his great quickness and change of direction to stick with wide receivers. Along with his quickness he also displays very good ball skills and routinely knocks the ball down or intercepts it. He finished with 11 INTs over his Washington career. Peters plays with good physicality and has good size for a corner. There are plenty of character concerns with Peters however. Marcus Peters was kicked off the Washington football halfway through the season after multiple problems with the coaches. Peters has all the talent to be a starting corner at the next level, it is just a question of character and whether he can keep his act together.

No. 24- T.J. Clemmings

T.J. Clemmings

 Position School Height Weight
OT Pittsburgh 6’4″ 5/8 309
Workout Results
Bench Press 22 Broad Jump 9’3″
40 yd Dash 5.14 20 yd Shuttle 4.54
Vertical Jump 32.5 Cone Drill 7.68
Clemmings made a heck of a jump in only his second year playing right tackle after starting his career at defensive line. He has all the tools you look for to be a tackle at the next level. He is very athletic and does a good job finishing his blocks in the run game. In pass protection he has a nice kick slide but still needs some development with balance and his punch. Clemmings will need some NFL coaching for his raw skills, mostly exposed at the Senior Bowl in Mobile where he struggled. He will be a project, but his upside is a pro bowl left tackle at the next level.

No. 25- Andrus Peat

Andrus Peat

 Position School Height Weight
OT Stanford 6’7″ 313
Workout Results
Bench Press N/A Broad Jump 8’9″
40 yd Dash 5.18 20 yd Shuttle 4.62
Vertical Jump 31 Cone Drill 8.01
Peat is very agile at his size and shows good movement skills in pass protection. He has the movement tools to be a starting left tackle, but right now lacks the strength. Too many times he loses leverage to pass rushers, but is able to make it up at times with his length. He is decent as a run blocker and will be better with added on power. Peat remains a first round prospect because his ability to move at his size is very rare. He will be a little bit of a project, but has the upside to be a starting left tackle.

No. 26- Jordan Phillips

Jordan Phillips

 Position School Height Weight
DT Oklahoma 6’5″ 1/4 329
Workout Results
Bench Press 28 Broad Jump 8’9″
40 yd Dash 5.17 20 yd Shuttle 4.68
Vertical Jump 30 Cone Drill 7.88
He left Oklahoma early as a redshirt sophomore so he will need to be developed, but has the type of talent to be a definite starter. Phillips is huge and moves very well for his size. He excels in pass rush as he has a number of moves to beat the offensive lineman. I believe he is scheme diverse at the next level in either a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. One area that he needs to improve on as a nose tackle is his ability to hold up against offensive lineman in the run game. At his size he sometimes gets moved when he shouldn’t. Phillips is kind of a boom or bust prospect, as he shows very rare traits for his size.

No. 27- Jaelen Strong

Jaelen Strong

 Position School Height Weight
WR Arizona St. 6’2″ 3/8 217
Workout Results
Bench Press N/A Broad Jump 10’3″
40 yd Dash 4.44 20 yd Shuttle 4.19
Vertical Jump 42 Cone Drill 7.33
After being a top junior college recruit, Strong has put two outstanding seasons together as a Sun Devil. Jaelen Strong shows excellent soft hands with the ability to pluck the ball out of the air. Along with the great hands, he also exhibits excellent body control and the ability to win one on one battles. Strong isn’t the quickest, but does show good long speed as a deep threat. With Jaelen Strong’s good size and hands, he has the potential to be a number one receiver in the NFL.