Week 2 Review

Two weeks! It’s been two weeks of College Football and the picture of who’s good and who’s bad has started to take shape. Michigan State and Florida- Bad. Georgia and Oklahoma- Good.

NCAAF 2018 Texas A&M vs Clemson Sept 8But with three months still to go, the playoff picture is far from set and conference play is ready to start. We learned a lot from non-conference play. We learned the SEC West is by far the best division in football with Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M. The Big Ten East was highly overrated with Michigan and Michigan State already having a loss on the resume. Penn State was pretty close too against Big Ten Homewrecker Appalachian State.

However, the biggest lesson I’ve learned? THE ACC STINKS! Seriously. The Coastal division has only two undefeated teams left. Florida State looks like a Sun Belt team. North Carolina got blown out by ECU. Who the heck is going to beat Clemson? Clemson’s toughest opponent left is probably NC State and they struggled against James Madison. Clemson may not have room to slip up. Think they could be the Wisconsin of last year where if they lose in the conference championship, they won’t make the College Football Playoff.

As for me, I’ve spent the past few weeks at a bachelor party in Miami and watching Aaron Rodgers come back from the dead in Green Bay. Halftime at the Packer game was as hopeless as I’ve felt since… halftime in the National Championship. But just like Tua, Rodgers put the team on his back and put Chicago fans into the pit of misery.

dwayne-haskins-090118jpg_6k9fmkkhag961n5awduxamvqkThis next weekend I will be taking a trip to Jerry World for the showdown between Ohio State and TCU. The first big challenge for Ohio State without Urban Meyer. Dwayne Haskins is not talked about nearly enough as he has been really impressive for the Buckeyes. He’s better than JT Barrett. I repeat. HE’S BETTER THAN JT BARRETT. I know he’s played against Oregon State and Rutgers, but I think the Buckeyes are for real.

Here are some more thoughts I’ve had around College Football:

Tyler’s Thoughts

Alabama’s schedule doesn’t look like a walk in the park anymore


The lazy analysis of the twitter commenters. Now I’m not going to say their non-conference schedule this year is tough, but Alabama may have one of the toughest schedules in all of college football. I mean pray for the entire SEC West, especially Arkansas, that there are that many quality teams in one division. All should be ranked in the top 25 and I’d argue Bama, LSU, Auburn, and Mississippi State are all top 10 teams. Alabama will have to play three of those teams in November. We’ll also get to see how good Texas A&M is when they go to Bryant-Denny on September 22nd.

Oklahoma’s Offense

KylerWell. Kyler Murray can play. Oklahoma is back into form with scoring a lot of points and playing a little defense. They won’t have to play that much defense considering their next opponent, Iowa State, put up just 3 points against Iowa. Oklahoma again is the team to beat in the Big 12. I will say Rodney Anderson out for the year is a bigger blow than people are making it out to be. The guy is one of the best running backs in college football and will be needed against big time opponents down the stretch.

Texas is STILL Not Back

The last two years I’ve picked Texas to finish 8-4. I don’t know when I’m going to learn. This team isn’t good. They lost to Maryland and then beat Tulsa by seven points. TULSA! Their schedule doesn’t get any easier with USC, TCU and Oklahoma over the next month. I thought because Tom Herman was starting to recruit Texas well that this was the year things would start to turnaround. Nope, they still stink.

Boise State is the best Group of Five team, not UCF

Connecticut_Boise_St_Football_93405Not sure if anyone has been paying attention, but Boise State and their senior quarterback Brett Rypien are tearing it up. Boise State outgained UConn 818 to 193 yards. That’s a difference of 625 yards! They didn’t even look like they should be on the same field.

UCF also played UConn, they only outgained them by 166 yards. Boise State has a big matchup with Oklahoma State this week, but I’d bet UCF is the team to trip up this year and not Boise State.

My Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Ohio State
4. Clemson
5. Wisconsin
6. Oklahoma
7. Auburn
8. Notre Dame
9. LSU
10. Mississippi State
11. Stanford
12. West Virginia
13. Virginia Tech
14. Oregon
15. TCU
16. Penn State
17. Boise State
18. UCF
19. Washington
20. Miami
21. Texas A&M
22. Michigan
23. Utah
24. Houston
25. Boston College

AP Mess of the Week

If you’ve been following me, I’m always critical of the AP poll. Part of the reason is many AP voters have no idea what they are doing. Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press voted Florida State number 25 after a blowout loss to Virginia Tech and narrowly escaping Samford. No, not Stanford… Samford. I sometime wonder if these voters even watch college football. Thankfully they have no say in the playoffs.

The AP Mess of the Week goes to ranking Michigan State and not ranking Texas A&M. What has been impressive about the Spartans to get them ranked? Was it their close win against Utah State or their narrow loss to Arizona State? All I know is both teams are 1-1 and A&M went to the wire with who the AP voters voted number 2 in Clemson. Yet a loss to the 23rd ranked Sun Devils is much more impressive.

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