Week 3 College Football Recap

Not much happened this week so I’m going to rant about how bad the ACC is. But if you did take a nap all weekend here is your quick review:

Iowa/Iowa State was delayed for about five hours and Iowa wins by 1. BYU Mormons said no to Trojans. Maryland is fake, Michigan State is whack, Florida State is bad. Oklahoma and Hurts continue to score. TCU beats the wheels off Purdue. Arizona and Tech decided not to score during PAC 12 AFTER DARK. UCF actually impressive. Kentucky is still alright. Florida loses Feleipe. Bama and Syracuse still untested. Buckeyes kings of the Big 10. AND Penn State wins ugly.


The ACC is the WORST Conference

The All Crappy Conference. What a terrible weekend. Disclaimer: this does not include Clemson. Sure Trevor Lawrence has 4 Touchdowns and 5 Interceptions, but he’ll turn it around. The point is they have zero challengers in their conference. Let’s take a look:


ACC Atlantic

Boston College– Lost by double digits to Kansas. Yes Kansas. The team that just lost to Coastal Carolina… Kansas.

NC State– Lost by double digits to a terrible West Virginia team.

Wake Forest– Actually not awful…

Louisville– Also not awful… comparing to last year’s team.

Florida State– Actually Awful. A Louisiana Monroe extra point from possibly being 0-3.

Syracuse– Turns out Maryland wasn’t good… Syracuse was just bad. They have as much offense as the Dolphins.

ACC Coastal

Virginia– I guess they’re the best in the Coastal. Even if they almost lost to Florida State. So I guess they’re the best bad team.

North Carolina– Not great, not bad. Outclassed by Wake Forest.

Duke– Has played nobody except Alabama. At least they have a quality loss.

Miami– The “U” stands for Underachievers

Georgia Tech- LOST TO THE CITADEL. Just in case you were wondering Citadel came into the game 0-2 with losses to Towson and Elon.

Pittsburgh– Respectable. Competitive against Penn State… Still 1-2.

Virginia Tech- Tough game with Furman and lost to Boston College… you know…the team that lost to Kansas.

Basically this isn’t even a real conference anymore. No more talking about the Pac-12… ACC is now officially the worst Power Five conference. The schools are counting down the two months until College Basketball season and should have about 20 people in the stands by then.

Now we are only a few games into the season and maybe a team like Virginia or Wake Forest makes this more than a one team conference. But I doubt it. This conference through a few cupcakes at the beginning of the season have shown why the ACC is the WORST.

Terrible AP Top 25 Ranking of the Week

THEY ARE STILL RANKING WASHINGTON OVER CAL. This is over a week after Cal beat Washington at home. I thought maybe it was because the game was late last week and it would be corrected this week… NOPE. Washington ranked 22 and Cal 23.


  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Georgia
  4. LSU
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Ohio State
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Utah
  9. Auburn
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Florida
  12. Michigan
  13. Texas A&M
  14. Oregon
  15. Texas
  16. UCF
  17. Penn State
  18. Oklahoma State
  19. Iowa
  20. Boise State
  21. Virginia
  22. Cal
  23. Kansas State
  24. Washington State
  25. TCU

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