Week 12 Preview

We’re back again! I know it is the week with the least exciting matchups, but the season is winding down and this is just an appetizer to the Thanksgiving lineup of College Football action. Here are this weeks top bets!

Indiana +28.5 at Michigan

Too many points against an average Indiana team. I know Michigan has absolutely been smoking people, but 28.5 points? That spread should be reserved for Alabama and Clemson. Michigan is not on that level. Michigan wins by a few touchdowns, but not by 28.5.

Texas Tech -6 at Kansas State

Texas Tech is a pretty good football team and their offense can score some points. Even without QB Alan Bowman, Texas Tech is by far the better football team. Tech by double digits.

Cincinnati +7.5 at UCF

College Gameday will be there. However, Cincinnati needs to be the team talked about. Cincinnati’s defense is by far the best UCF has faced. And don’t give me this “UCF is undefeated” garbage. Half the SEC would be undefeated with their schedule. No I’m serious. HALF THE SEC would go undefeated with that schedule. It’ll be a tight football game, but I like Cincinnati to win outright.

Syracuse +10 at Notre Dame

Notre Dame does not consistently blow teams out. Syracuse is a good team that can score and even kept it close with Clemson. They’ll be able to keep it close and may even mess around and win the thing.

Arkansas +21.5 at Mississippi State

Arkansas is a lot better than their record says they are. Their defense may not be great, but their offense can score. Mississippi State has a great defense, but their offense can’t put up points. 21.5 points is way too many for this game.

West Virginia -5.5 at Oklahoma State UNDER 73.5

DOUBLE BET. Love West Virginia being favored by only 5.5. They are the best team in the Big 12, they can score points, and unlike the rest of the Big 12 their defense doesn’t stink. West Virginia wins big.

Also, Taylor Cornelius is not as good as the Oklahoma defense made him look. There will not be 74 points scored in this game. West Virginia wins 34-17.

Iowa State +3 at Texas

It is the end of the season. It is time for a Texas collapse. Iowa State also is undefeated since making Brock Purdy the starting quarterback. Iowa State wins, Texas fans comeback from the earlier season fantasy that “TEXAS IS BACK!”

Also how dumb is it that this game is on the Longhorn Network?

TCU at Baylor UNDER 52

TCU’s offense struggles just to get to double digits, but their defense is still pretty good. I know it’s the Big 12, but this has low scoring game written all over it. TCU wins 21-17 or something like that.

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