Week 3 Review

Here come the top ten upsets! Wisconsin and Auburn were both upset by double digit underdogs BYU and LSU. Those were not the only upsets as the Big Ten had seven teams lose to unranked nonconference teams. The most since 1936! And there were people that said the Big Ten was the best conference…

Overall it was a pretty exciting week 3 and next week conference play picks up. Here’s some thoughts from the action on Saturday.

Tyler’s Thoughts

LSU has the best resume in the country

It may not be sexy. But LSU keeps on beating good teams. They’ve beaten #21 Miami and #9 Auburn which is by far the best resume out there. LSU still has major challenges awaiting including three straight games starting October 13th against Georgia, Mississippi State, and Alabama.

If the playoff committee met today though, you’d have a hard time convincing me they wouldn’t be in the top 4.

It’s Alabama’s world, we are just living in it

 For about two minutes I thought Ole Miss could make it interesting. DK Metcalf broke loose on a go route for a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the game. After that, Alabama made Ole Miss look like a high school defense. I honestly want to know what a full game of Tua looks like.

But the biggest surprise was the Alabama secondary. Ole Miss has three legitimate NFL receivers and they could not move the ball. Taking out the 75 yard opening pass, Jordan Ta’amu went 6/21, 58 yards, and 2 INTs. The defense is a strength again for Alabama. 

Time to pump the brakes on Oklahoma 

I was all in on Oklahoma after the first two weeks of football. Week 3 made me reassess. The offense is fantastic again and Kyler Murray is an explosive athlete at quarterback. However, this defense is rough.

Iowa State, who scored 3 points against Iowa last week, had their backup quarterback throw for 360 yards against Oklahoma. If the secondary can’t figure it out, there are going to be some shootouts against teams like TCU, West Virginia and Oklahoma State. Not to mention if they have to play elite teams like Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State in the playoffs.

Pac 12 South may be the worst division of all-time 

There is only one team in the Pac-12 South that is undefeated through three games. Colorado is the only undefeated team and they needed a last second hold against 1-2 Nebraska. It is incredible that either Colorado, Arizona State, Utah, Arizona, USC, or UCLA will be in the Pac-12 championship. The winner of the Pac-12 North is going to roll over whoever wins the South.

My Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Ohio State
  4. LSU
  5. Clemson
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Mississippi State
  8. Stanford
  9. West Virginia
  10. Penn State
  11. Auburn
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Oklahoma State
  14. Oregon
  15. Virginia Tech
  16. Miami
  17. UCF
  18. TCU
  19. Washington
  20. Texas A&M
  21. Iowa
  22. Michigan
  23. Wisconsin
  24. Duke
  25. North Texas

AP Mess of the Week

There’s honestly nothing too bad this week. Having LSU ranked sixth is a little low considering their resume, but it’s debatable. I guess I will focus on a specific voter this week… Soren Petro.

Soren has Alabama the 3rd ranked team in the nation behind Clemson and Georgia. Now I don’t know if Soren has a television in Leawood, Kansas or he just hates the Tide, but how can you watch Alabama and not think they’re the top team in the nation? They’ve dominated on both sides of the ball. I do not understand how a 1-point win against Texas A&M screams that Clemson is the number one team in the nation Mr. Petro.

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