Week 8 Preview

I know. I took a few weeks off with writing reviews. But don’t think that means TGIS hasn’t been keeping an eye out across the college football landscape. I’m like Batman, always watching. I was the hero you deserved, but not the one you needed during those few weeks. But now the Dark Knight returns. LET’S START THE RUN DOWN!!!

The Run Down

Saturday Morning Hangover Games 

#8 Michigan (-7.5) at #24 Michigan State, Noon FOX

The Wolverines offense is actually looking good. They’ve averaged 40 points the past two games and have won by over 20 points in both games. But the rivalry game in East Lansing could create a closer game than it should be. Let’s see how top ten Michigan actually plays.

Gambling Advice: Take Michigan if you’re going to bet it.

#9 Oklahoma (-7.5) at TCU, Noon ABC 

The classic game of good offense vs. good defense and bad offense vs. bad defense. WHO’S GOING TO BE WORSE! This is Oklahoma’s first game since the loss to Texas and I’d expect a bounce back. But never forget… they went to OT with Army so I will never trust OU.

Gambling Advice: OU by double digits, but I’m not confident.

Auburn (-3.5) at Ole Miss, Noon ESPN

I’m not exactly sure why you’d watch this game. Auburn is bad at football and Ole Miss is bad at football. I guess we will see who’s worse?

Gambling Advice: Don’t bet. Don’t Watch 

6-Pack Deep Games

#16 NC State (+17.5) at #3 Clemson, 3:30 ESPN

An ACC undefeated showdown. Sure NC State hasn’t played anybody, but has Clemson really been that impressive either? Never know what could happen, this could be the upset of the weekend.

Gambling Advice: Take NC State. 17.5 is too many points in a game that I think will be close.

#1 Alabama (-28.5) at Tennessee, 3:30 CBS

Tennessee hasn’t beat Alabama since 2006. Alabama gets to smoke the cigars after this one.

Gambling Advice: Alabama because they’re Alabama and the over because Tua is Tua

Whiskey Night Games

#22 Mississippi State at #5 LSU (-6.5), 7:00 ESPN 

Is Mississippi State good or average? I cannot figure them out. Meanwhile LSU is coming off a huge win against Georgia and need to win out to win the SEC West. Also they have some cool helmets that change color for the night game at Death Valley

Gambling Advice: LSU at night 

#12 Oregon (+3) at #25 Washington State, 7:30 FOX

Why won’t anyone give Oregon some respect? They have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation and have proven to be dangerous. Sure this is the first time Washington State has every had College Gameday, but that is not enough to make Oregon an underdog. Oregon is the best team in the Pac-12.

Gambling Advice: Oregon, bet the money line.

One-Eye Open Game

Arizona at UCLA (-10), 10:30 ESPN2

They have a combined record of 4-9 and both teams have been a huge disappointment. It is a chance for Chip Kelly to try to get win number 2 or Kevin Sumlin to turnaround a nightmare season. Hopefully your Saturday night isn’t as bad as these two Pac-12 teams.

Gambling Advice: No idea how UCLA is 10 point favorites. So take Arizona.

Top Ten Bets

Season Record: 31-23-2

  1. Oregon (+3) at Washington State
  2. Ohio State (-12) at Purdue- Ohio State is still really good. Definitely two touchdowns better than Purdue
  3. Illinois (+24.5) at Wisconsin- What’s my rule? When Wisconsin is a double digit favorite we take the underdog
  4. USC at Utah Over 48- Utah has scored over 40 points the past two weeks. Over hits easily
  5. Tulsa at Arkansas (-6.5)- They won’t make a bowl, but Arkansas is improving. They can beat Tulsa by a touchdown
  6. Penn State (-14.5) at Indiana- Penn State can still score a lot of points and help us cover
  7. Alabama at Tennessee Over 56.5
  8. Michigan at Michigan State Over 41
  9. NC State (+17.5) at Clemson
  10. Alabama (-28.5) at Tennessee


My Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Ohio State
  4. Clemson
  5. LSU
  6. Georgia
  7. Michigan
  8. Oregon
  9. Texas
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Kentucky
  12. Florida
  13. NC State
  14. Texas A&M
  15. UCF
  16. West Virginia
  17. Cincinnati
  18. Iowa
  19. Mississippi State
  20. Michigan State
  21. Penn State
  22. Washington
  23. Washington State
  24. South Florida
  25. Stanford

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