No. 8- Devante Parker

Devante Parker

 Position School Height Weight
WR Louisville 6’3″ 209
Workout Results
Bench Press 17 Broad Jump 10’5″
40 yd Dash 4.45 20 yd Shuttle N/A
Vertical Jump 36.5 Cone Drill N/A
Parker has a great hands and is one of the top jump ball receivers in the draft. He is an excellent red zone threat as he has an innate ability to high point the ball and work through the cornerback. Parker also demonstrates good after the run ability as he is a very strong runner. He has good speed, but sometimes doesn’t show the best route running ability. At times he rounds off routes and allows the cornerback to undercut the ball. Overall though he is one of the top wide receivers in this draft along with Kevin White and Amari Cooper.

No. 9- Randy Gregory

Randy Gregory

 Position School Height Weight
DE Nebraska 6’4″ 7/8 238
Workout Results
Bench Press 24 Broad Jump 10’5″
40 yd Dash 4.64 20 yd Shuttle N/A
Vertical Jump 36.5 Cone Drill 6.79
Gregory is a long talented defensive end who excels at rushing the quarterback. He has very good football instincts and shows an excellent motor on tape. Gregory played very light at Nebraska, but still played with good strength. He was banged up a little bit this year with a knee injury, but still showed enough athleticism to warrant a high draft position. At the next level he is a bit of a projection, but nonetheless has very good football instincts.

No. 10- La’el Collins

La’el Collins

 Position School Height Weight
OT LSU 6’4″ 5/8 308
Workout Results
Bench Press 21 Broad Jump 9’0″
40 yd Dash 5.12 20 yd Shuttle 4.63
Vertical Jump 27 Cone Drill 7.70
Collins played left tackle this past year for LSU and was a major piece in establishing the run game. Collins looks like this years Zack Martin as he is a premium road grader on the offensive line and will most likely start out as a guard. On tape you constantly see La’el Collins move defensive lineman out of the way and creating great holes for the running back. Collins has a good kick slide in pass protection along with decent athleticism. He isn’t the most fluid, but still shows the ability to get to the second level. Look for Collins to be a high draft pick and eventually ending up as an effective tackle at the next level.

No. 11- Trae Waynes

Trae Waynes

 Position School Height Weight
CB Michigan St. 6’0″ 1/8 186
Workout Results
Bench Press 19 Broad Jump 10’2″
40 yd Dash 4.31 20 yd Shuttle 4.39
Vertical Jump 38 Cone Drill 7.06
Trae Waynes is one of my favorite corners in this draft for how technically sound he plays the position. He exhibits great change of direction in man coverage along with good ball skills. Waynes consistently shows great technique when the ball is in the air as he turns and finds the ball instead of looking at the wide receiver. This was highly evident in the game against Penn State where Trae stayed right at the wide receivers hip throughout the game. Waynes isn’t the most physical as he plays at only 186 pounds and at times will miss a tackle or lose ground on a tackle. Overall though Trae Waynes is the top cornerback in this draft.

No. 12- Danny Shelton

Danny Shelton

 Position School Height Weight
DT Washington 6’1″ 3/4 339
Workout Results
Bench Press 34 Broad Jump 7’11”
40 yd Dash 5.64 20 yd Shuttle 4.65
Vertical Jump 30.5 Cone Drill 7.99
Shelton is a massive nose tackle who is very mobile for his size. He had a great year with 9 sacks and was disruptive in the run game as well. Shelton is very strong with his hands and will be disruptive at the next level. Shelton does end up on the ground a little bit too often and gets moved to easily for his size. Shelton will need to improve his ability to hold up against double teams if he wants to be a nose tackle in the NFL. Danny Shelton is scheme diverse as he can be a 3-4 or 4-3 DT.

No. 13- Landon Collins

Landon Collins

 Position School Height Weight
S Alabama 6’1″ 221
Workout Results
Bench Press 16 Broad Jump 10’0″
40 yd Dash 4.53 20 yd Shuttle 4.33
Vertical Jump 35 Cone Drill 7.38
 Collins is a great tackler and plays the safety position from a run support perspective about as well as you can. He excels at flying from the back end of the defense in run support and has great power when tackling. Along with being great in run support, he also is a magnet to the ball in pass coverage. It is a legitimate concern if he can play as a single high safety at the next level or if he is strictly a strong safety. He is not elite in coverage, however Collins is an instant starter and impact player as a rookie.

No. 14- Shane Ray

Shane Ray

 Position School Height Weight
OLB Missouri 6’2″ 5/8 245
Workout Results
Bench Press 21 Broad Jump 10’0″
40 yd Dash 4.64 20 yd Shuttle 4.53
Vertical Jump 33.5 Cone Drill 7.71
The Missouri product is a great athlete who shows speed and quickness on tape. Shane Ray was also very productive for the Missouri Tigers finishing with 14.5 Sacks on the year. At times he disappears on tape for a little bit, not showing the ability to consistently beat the offensive tackle. There are also a health and character concern about Ray. His foot may need surgery where he will be out for a little while. The bigger concern is getting busted for Marijuana possession three days before the draft. It is unknown how far he will slide because of these concerns, but whoever gets him will have a pass rusher with some major upside. In college he played mostly defensive end, but at the next level he will have to play standing up. He fits best as an outside linebacker in a 3-4.

No. 15- Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley

 Position School Height Weight
RB Georgia 6’0″ 5/8 222
Workout Results
Bench Press 17 Broad Jump N/A
40 yd Dash N/A 20 yd Shuttle N/A
Vertical Jump N/A Cone Drill N/A
Gurley is one of the most talented running backs to come out in recent memory. He has the size, speed and strength as a runner to be an NFL back. Gurley is a tough runner who consistently found the hole and turned it into big plays for Georgia. Right when he steps in to a NFL team he will be a homerun threat with his speed and vision. Not only is he a threat on offense, but he also has the ability to add to the kick return game as well. The only thing keeping him from being a top 10 talent in this draft is his torn ACL and injury risk. He is a rare talent, but a team will be taking a risk on Gurley’s health.

No. 16- Malcom Brown

Malcom Brown

 Position School Height Weight
DT Texas 6’2″ 3/8 319
Workout Results
Bench Press 26 Broad Jump 8’2″
40 yd Dash 5.05 20 yd Shuttle 4.59
Vertical Jump 29.5 Cone Drill 7.84
Brown was highly disruptive this year leading the Texas Longhorns in sacks and tackles for loss. He is very quick in penetrating between the offensive line and has very good football instincts. Along with that, Brown also has the skills to constantly shed blocks and get to the quarterback. One area of improvement is holding up against engaged offensive lineman in the run game.  At the next level I believe his best position will be as a 3 technique in a 4-3 Defense.

No. 17- Brandon Scherff

Brandon Scherff

 Position School Height Weight
OG Iowa 6’4″ 5/8 319
Workout Results
Bench Press 23 Broad Jump 8’11”
40 yd Dash 5.05 20 yd Shuttle 4.57
Vertical Jump 32.5 Cone Drill 7.18
Scherff played left tackle at Iowa and was an outstanding run blocker during the year. The Hawkeye will be a great run blocker at the next level. The question is if he will be an Offensive tackle or guard. He doesn’t have the best feet and needs to improve his balance. What he does best is work in an enclosed space instead of being out in the open. I think he is a better guard than tackle where he can excel as an excellent run blocker.