TGIS Top Ten- Week 5

1. Clemson Tigers

The distance between Clemson and Alabama is shrinking after last Saturday. Clemson is a very, very good team, but they haven’t shown the dominance like last year. A big win in this week’s game against Miami can help solidify them at the number one spot for at least another week.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama logo

Absolutely dominant. The offense has not lost much of a step under Mac Jones and the defense is much improved from last year. Alabama has the strength of schedule advantage for the entire season so if Bama finishes undefeated… they will be #1.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Logo

Georgia has been a force since their first half, first game struggle against Arkansas. Sure the offense isn’t explosive, but that defense will make a lot of teams look ineffective, inefficient, discombobulated, and all the other adjectives for “terrible offense”.

4. Florida Gators

The Gators may have one of the most explosive offenses in the nation, but is the defense able to keep up? Regardless, the Gators have solidified a spot in the top four with their play so far.

5. Miami Hurricanes

Are they pretenders or contenders in the ACC? We will find out this Saturday following their game against Clemson. Before D’Eriq King, Miami’s offense was known for their three and outs and inability to make it past midfield. King has turned them into a top 10 offense in the nation. The defense is also solid (just think if first round pick Greggory Rousseau wouldn’t have opted out). Miami right now is a top five team.

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Sloppy against Duke and dominant against South Florida, the Fighting Irish are unknown. Unfortunately Notre Dame doesn’t face a legitimate threat until November 7th against Clemson. I guess we will just sit and wait?

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Not enough respect is being given to the Pokes. The Oklahoma State defense has obviously improved from last season and the offense has done decently without their starting QB Spencer Sanders. The struggle win against Tulsa looks way better after Tulsa’s upset win against UCF. This team has playoff potential (Yes, I said it) especially in the pedestrian Big 12.

8. Tennessee Volunteers

When is the national media going to treat the Vols like a legitimate team? The defense is stout. Expect a defensive battle on Saturday when they face off with Georgia.


9. BYU Cougars

This is the part of the rankings I just throw up my hands. Do I legitimately think BYU is the 9th best team in the country? No. But the combination of BYU blowing everyone out and almost everyone in the middle of the Big 12, SEC, and ACC having a loss with no premier wins leads to this ranking. We will see if BYU is able to keep it going, but I doubt it.

10. Cincinnati Bearcats

Like BYU, Cincinnati has not played anyone. But their wins have been convincing. Unlike BYU, the Bearcats next three games are legitimate opponents: Tulsa, SMU, and Memphis. As you can probably tell, the 9 and 10 spots of this top ten are a wait-and-see.  

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