Final Playoff Contenders – Week 13

ELIMINATED AFTER WEEK 13: Oregon and Penn State

1. LSU Tigers

LSU Tigers


Record: 11-0

Best Wins: #5 Alabama, #10 Florida, #16 Auburn

Losses: None

Remaining Schedule: Texas A&M, SEC Championship (#4 Georgia)

LSU has the best resume with wins over #5 Alabama, #10 Florida, and #16 Auburn. They have also looked dominant against inferior opponents except for their lackluster defense. If LSU finishes the year undefeated they will have the #1 or #2 spot on lock. LSU has also built their resume enough where they can afford one loss and still be firmly in the playoffs. However, don’t be surprised even if LSU finishes undefeated Ohio State jumps LSU.

Path to the Playoff: Don’t Lose Twice.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes



Record: 11-0

Best Wins: #12 Penn State, #13 Wisconsin, #17 Cincinnati

Losses: None

Remaining Schedule:  @ #14 Michigan, Big Ten Championship

Ohio State has dominated everyone on their schedule. Their resume is slowly improving with the win over Penn State. The Buckeyes best quality opponents will happen over the next few weeks to end the year  Even with a loss to Michigan, Ohio State has done enough to get in as a one loss Big Ten champion as long as they win the Big Ten.

Path to the Playoff: Either 1. Finish regular season undefeated; or 2. One loss and Big Ten Champs

3. Clemson Tigers



Record: 11-0

Best Wins: None

Losses: None

Remaining Schedule: @ South Carolina, ACC Championship

Clemson has killed everyone on their schedule… except for a one point win against North Carolina. Since the Tar Heel game, Clemson hasn’t had a scare by any of their opponents. Clemson will finish the season without playing a Top 25 team except maybe Virginia Tech (that’s how bad the ACC is). As long as Clemson wins out they’re in.

Path to the Playoff: If they don’t win-out, they’re out.

4. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Logo


Record: 10-1

Best Wins: #10 Florida, #15 Notre Dame, #16 Auburn

Losses: South Carolina 20-17 OT

Remaining Schedule: @ Georgia Tech, SEC Championship (LSU)

The South Carolina loss is looking worse. However, it won’t matter if they beat LSU in the SEC Championship. The wins against Florida, Notre Dame, and Auburn have them currently as the best 1-loss team.

Path to the Playoff: If they win-out they are in

5. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama logo


Record: 10-1

Best Wins: None

Losses: #1 LSU 45-40

Remaining Schedule: @ #16 Auburn

They’ve won big against everyone except #1 LSU. Alabama will need to win out to have a chance. In that case, their best win will be against Auburn. What may trip up Alabama is a 1-loss Conference Champion. Some will say Bama doesn’t have a great win, but their Auburn win may be better than any of the other 1-loss conference champions. If Alabama wins out, you have to like their chances of getting in.

Path to the Playoff: Win out with Mac Jones looking dominant, Georgia loses once, and get ranked above the other 1-loss conference champion(s).


Win out with Mac Jones looking above average, Georgia loses once, two loss Big 12 Champion, and a two loss Pac 12 Champion.

6. Utah Utes



Record: 10-1

Best Wins: None

Losses: USC 30-23

Remaining Schedule: Colorado, Pac 12 Championship

The Utes have a cake walk to end the regular season. A seven point loss to USC remains a dagger in the resume and their only chance at a quality win is in the PAC 12 championship against Oregon. The Oregon loss to Arizona State makes the quality win less impressive. Utah will be in the discussion if they win out, especially with their string of blow out wins. I believe a one loss Utah with a win over Oregon beats out a one loss Big 12 champion.

Path to the Playoff: Win out and Georgia loses.

7. Oklahoma Sooners



Record: 10-1

Best Wins: #13 Baylor, #23 Iowa State

Losses: Kansas State 48-41

Remaining Schedule: @ #22 Oklahoma State, Big 12 Championship (Baylor)

Oklahoma may finish the year with a bad loss and not many impressive wins. The Big 12 has eaten itself alive. Oklahoma did have an impressive comeback win over Baylor, but their playoff chances have taken a major hit if with their four straight average showings. Oklahoma is in a position where they are behind a one loss Utah right now.

Path to the Playoff: Win Out, Georgia loses, Alabama loses, two loss Pac 12 Champion

8. Minnesota Golden Gophers



Record: 10-1

Best Wins: #10 Penn State

Losses: #20 Iowa

Remaining Schedule: #13 Wisconsin, Big Ten Championship

Yes they are undefeated and have looked impressive the past few weeks, but what hangs over the Golden Gophers is winning 3 terrible non-conference games by a total of 13 points. They now have a loss to an average Iowa team as well. However, winning out with wins over Wisconsin and Ohio State would probably put them in.

Path to the Playoff: Win out (this would create some chaos for the committee)

9. Baylor Bears

Baylor Logo


Record: 10-1

Best Wins: #22 Oklahoma State, #24 Iowa State

Losses: #7 Oklahoma 34-31

Remaining Schedule: Kansas, Big 12 Championship (Oklahoma)

Baylor blew it against Oklahoma. What Baylor needs is Oklahoma to win out and beat them in the Big 12 championship. Even after this I still think they need some help mostly because of their bad non-conference schedule and close games with bad teams (Texas Tech, West Virginia, TCU). Baylor doesn’t pass the eye test so they have to win out and receive some help.

Path to the Playoff: Win out and need a lot of help

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