Conference Championship Paths

ACC Championship

ACC Atlantic

Clemson- Clinched

ACC Coastal 

Virginia- Clinches with win over Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech- Clinches with wins over Pittsburgh and Virginia.

Pittsburgh- Clinches with wins over Virginia Tech and Boston College, and a Virginia loss to Virginia Tech.

Big 12 Championship

Oklahoma- Clinches with a win against TCU or Oklahoma State.

Baylor- Clinches with a win against Texas or Kansas.

If Baylor or Oklahoma lose out these teams are still in contention: 

Oklahoma State, Texas, and Iowa State

Big 10 Championship

Big 10 West

Minnesota- Clinches with win over Wisconsin.

Wisconsin- Clinches with win over Purdue and Minnesota.

Big 10 East

Ohio State- Clinches with win over Penn State or Penn State loss to Rutgers.

Penn State- Clinches with win over Ohio State and Rutgers.

Pac 12 Championship

Pac 12 North

Oregon- Clinched

Pac 12 South

Utah- Clinches with wins over Arizona and Colorado; or a USC loss to UCLA.

USC- Clinches with win over UCLA and a Utah loss.

SEC Championship

SEC West

LSU- Clinches with win against Arkansas or Texas A&M.

Alabama- Clinches with win against Auburn and LSU losing to Arkansas and Texas A&M.

SEC East 

Georgia- Clinched

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