2018 White Cornerback Rankings

2019 Updated Rankings Here: 2019 White Cornerbacks Rankings

Time for some updated rankings. The 2017 rankings were a huge hit, but much has changed since the 2017 season. There have been players cut in the NFL, but also some players from the list were named All-Conference. The next Jason Sehorn could come from this list and break the 16 year drought of a white cornerback starting a NFL Game.  Now it is time for the 2018 rankings:

1. Justus Parker, Texas Tech

What a season for Justus.

Justus PHe finished the year with 4 interceptions (including a crucial, game-changing interception against Texas), he was named All-Big 12 Second Team, and he was given a scholarship in December by Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola.Justus this year was named to the All-Big 12 Preseason Team and will be starting for Texas Tech again at the nickel spot.

2018 Season Update: 0 INTs and only 18 tackles. Suspended for 2019.

2. Ashtyn Davis, Cal

AR-180729804.jpg&maxh=400&maxw=667Ashtyn has been unfortunately moved to starting safety, but he does have experience in his early Cal career at cornerback. He is also a star on the Track & Field team as he was named First-Team All-American during the indoor season. Hopefully he makes a move back out to cornerback.

2018 Season Update: First-Team All-Pac 12 Punt Returner, 4 INTs, but still a Safety

3. Jonathan Durham, Kansas State

DUaQGLwVQAACFz-One that slipped under our radar during the 2017 white cornerback rankings, Durham started against Iowa State. He finished his Redshirt Sophomore year with 12 tackles in 7 games played. Durham will compete this year for the starting cornerback or nickelback role on the Wildcats.

2018 Season Update: Started Final 6 games, 1 INT

4. Brandon Ezell, San Jose State

maxresdefaultEzell will compete for a starting cornerback spot on this year’s San Jose State team. He played sparingly in 2017 as a JUCO transfer, but now will try to earn a starting role as a Senior. He also had a two punt returns last season for 15 yards.

2018 Season Update: Redshirted 2018

5. Ethan Bonner, Stanford

6_7503265One of the highest rated white cornerbacks in recent history (unofficial stat) Bonner was the 107th rated corner on 247 for the class of 2018. Bonner decommitted in August from Northwestern and instead committed to Stanford in December. Expect Bonner to be in the white cornerback rankings for a few years as he starts his Freshman year this year.

2018 Season Update: Played in the final four games recording a tackle.

6. Austin McChesney, BYU

McChesney has faced major injuries in college as he has torn both ACLs. But that hasn’t stopped him from making the rankings. McChesney is a cornerback through and through, just look at this quote:

“They were thinking about moving me to safety but I’ll be a corner,” he said. “I played safety in high school. You have more freedom there. But in college, I’ve enjoyed corner and it’s grown on me. I have no problem staying. I love it. Wherever they think the best opportunity for me to play is, I’ll be there.”

McChesney will try to make an impact for BYU after his August 2017 ACL tear.

2018 Season Update: Injured. Retired from Football.

7. Garrett Binkley, SDSU

Binkley has the odds stacked against him. He received a scholarship in Fall 2017 camp, but tore his ACL in preparation for the Stanford game. Now Binkley sits fourth on the depth chart for the cornerback position. Also not in Binkley’s favor to making it to the NFL is he is only listed at 5’9 170 lbs. Still, being a scholarship white cornerback gets him on the rankings.

2018 Season Update: Played 8 Games on Special Teams

White Cornerback Prospects on the Radar

Jake Herbstreit- Nashville, TN

Yes. He’s the son of ESPN College Gameday’s Kirk Herbstreit. He is also the 232nd Rated Cornerback in the class of 2019

2018 Season Update: Walking on at Clemson

Dawson Hurst- Loomis, CA

242nd CB 2019. Offers from Cal Poly, Stetson, UC Davis

2018 Season Update: Committed to Cal Poly

Justin Murray- Coppell, TX

244th CB 2019. Offers from Syracuse, Air Force, and Louisiana-Lafayette

2018 Season Update: Committed to Bucknell

Many of these players were found by comments left by the readers. So if there is someone I’m missing, let me know. As you can probably tell, it is tough to find white cornerbacks.

Twitter: @TylerVesely

One thought on “2018 White Cornerback Rankings”

  1. I can name 2 other guys: Jeremy Fejedelem, starting CB for the Air Force Falcons (bisogna brother Clayton is a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals) and BYU Beau Tanner, a converted receiver who should see some playing time.
    I can also mention Andrew Bird, recruited last year by Rice.
    I hope to find someone else but surely is very very hard.

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