Georgia is a Top Four Team, But OU Should Be In

The SEC does it again. In a weekend full of conference title game snoozers, the SEC put on the game of the year. Anybody that watched the game could tell you Georgia is a talented team capable of beating anyone in the country… but at some point wins and losses throughout the season have to matter.

Georgia’s resume is still impressive with 3 wins over top 25 teams (Missouri, Kentucky, Florida) all by 14 points or over. But the 20 point loss to LSU is keeping the Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl instead of the playoffs. Along with a non-conference schedule that is pretty weak with Georgia Tech being the best team they’ve faced. I’m not saying Oklahoma’s non-conference schedule is good either, but that could’ve seperated helped them separate from Oklahoma.

Now, I absolutely think Georgia would crush Oklahoma this year by 20 points, but OU has the better resume. Oklahoma is a 12-1 Conference Champion with 2 big wins (I’m not going to count Army), and their only loss of the season was a three point loss to a top 15 team who they later beat in the season.

To summarize, we can’t just cherry pick who we think is better unless the resumes are even. Ultimately, it is going to be a 20 point loss to LSU that will keep the Dawgs out of the playoffs and proving once again in College Football EVERY WEEK MATTERS.

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