Week 1 College Football Recap

A lot of teams aren’t who we thought they were. It was a wild ride in week one with 34 point comebacks, major upsets and dominant teams remaining dominant. Texas may not be back, but College Football definitely is.

Here is a look at my top 25:

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Oklahoma
4. Ohio State
5. Penn State
6. Oklahoma State
7. USC
8. Florida State
9. Auburn
10. Georgia
11. Michigan
12. Wisconsin
13. LSU
14. Stanford
15. Washington
16. Kansas State
17. Miami
18. Louisville
19. Virginia Tech
20. South Carolina
21. Maryland
22. Notre Dame
23. Washington State
24. UCLA
25. Tennessee


Alabama Remains on top

It’s scary, but this Alabama defense looks like it is going to be just as good as last year. They were flying all around the field on Saturday night. Ronnie and HarrisThis Alabama defense keys in more blitzes than last year since they don’t have Ryan Anderson or Tim Williams getting to the quarterback from the edge. To avoid an upset, the offense has to be better particularly in the passing game. To be fair, this Florida State defense is a top defense in the nation.

Texas is Back (To not being that good)

The Texas hype train got out of control again and crashed in the first week. Maryland over TexasTexas was 19 point favorites against Maryland, which had a better record and recruiting class than Texas last year. The defense continues to be bad. They gave up 263 yards on the ground on 43 carries. Not a good look for a team that plays in an offense-heavy Big 12. If Texas plays like they did on Saturday, it will be tough for them to reach 6-6.

Should Kevin Sumlin be Fired?

The coaching was just plain awful for Texas A&M on Sunday. Up 44-10 in the third quarter, the Aggies were still running the hurry up offense. SumlinThey continued to throw the ball with a true freshman quarterback instead of handing it to Trayveon Williams and Keith Ford who were collectively averaging almost 8 yards a carry. It may be one of the biggest collapses I have ever seen.

As for Sumlin being fired, not yet. Over the last four seasons the Aggies have finished 4th, 6th, 5th, and 4th… IN THE SEC WEST. The whole “Aggies taking over the SEC” was as big a myth as Johnny Football being a successful NFL quarterback. I think the Aggies fire Sumlin after the season and put their hat in the Chip Kelly race.

Oklahoma and Ohio State Game of the Week

In week 2, Oklahoma travels to Columbus to try and avenge last year’s take down.

Oklahoma ohio StateI am also changing my pick after watching Ohio State in week 1. Ohio State’s secondary is hot garbage right now and the only thing protecting them is their stout defensive line. But Oklahoma has one of the best offensive lines in the nation. I think Oklahoma’s line can give Baker Mayfield time to move around and pick that defense apart. I was also unimpressed with Ohio State’s passing game, as that continues to be their Achilles heel. Oklahoma wins by a touchdown.

Baylor losing to Liberty

Baylor’s defense was mostly an unknown going into the season especially since they were starting two sophomore cornerbacks. Liberty over BaylorWell it is known now that they are not very good. They gave up 447 passing yards to LIBERTY. Seriously a team that went 6-5 in FCS play last year. Baylor has gone from a projected middle Big 12 team to the bottom of the league. Maybe Matt Rhule should have stayed at Temple…

NC State and South Carolina

I was all in on NC State and that took a hit after Saturday.


However, I think this is a case where both teams were underrated to start the year and both will finish in the top 25. It reminds me of when Michigan and Utah played their opening game against each other in 2015. Both teams were unranked and both finished the season 10-3.Now I’m not saying these two Carolina schools will be that good, but I think it was an underrated matchup and ended up being a great game.

Charlie Strong’s South Florida Team Disappoints

I really liked South Florida going into the season, but now I don’t even think they are the favorites in the American conference. They have had two extremely slow starts against San Jose State and Stony Brook. They were only up by a touchdown on Stony Brook late in the fourth quarter. An easy schedule is the only thing going for them right now. From what I have seen so far, this is not a top 25 football team.Flowers

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