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College Football Playoff Race

  1. Alabama

Their Resume: They’ve dominated everyone. The closest win this year has been by 22 points. In addition, they have quality wins with LSU and Mississippi State, along with Texas A&M and Missouri ranked right outside the top 25. The whole “they haven’t played everybody” just isn’t true. Alabama has the best resume in the country.

Road to the playoffs: Beat Auburn and Georgia in the SEC championship and they’re in. Alabama could lose to Auburn and beat Georgia and they’d most likely still be in. The only way it would get close is if they lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship. It’d be tough to leave out a 12-1 Alabama team. I think they’d be in over a 12-1 Washington State, Ohio State and Oklahoma. A 12-1 Michigan team would be close however and it would test the committee how much a Conference Championship game is worth.

  1. Clemson

Their resume: Along with Alabama, Clemson has also separated themselves from the rest of the group. They haven’t had a win by less than 20 points since September. However, the ACC is bad this year and they lack quality wins. Syracuse is their best win and they’re a fringe top-20 team. They have a few other wins that could sneak into the top 25 including NC State, Texas A&M, Boston College and Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship game.

Road to the playoffs: Beat South Carolina and Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship. A loss to either of these teams will put Clemson at the risk of missing the playoff due to their lack of quality wins.

  1. Notre Dame

Their Resume: Notre Dame has turned it on as of late and actually has more quality wins than Clemson. A win against Michigan is the most impressive of the playoff contenders and they have also beat ACC and Big Ten Divisional champions Pittsburgh and Northwestern. However, the eye test favors Clemson as Notre Dame has a 8 point win against Ball State, 5 point win over Vanderbilt, and close wins against Pittsburgh and Northwestern.

Road to the Playoffs: Notre Dame’s road is simple. Beat USC and they’re in. Lose and they’re most likely out unless they get some help.

  1. Michigan

Their Resume: Pretty solid. They have quality wins against Penn State and Northwestern with just one loss against Notre Dame. The problem is they are anchored by Notre Dame. Meaning they cannot be ranked above Notre Dame due to the head-to-head loss.

Road to the Playoffs: If they beat Ohio State and Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship they are most likely in. The only scenario where that is not the case is if Georgia upsets Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Then the question becomes 12-1 Michigan or 12-1 Alabama? Alabama would have the eye test, but Michigan would have the conference championship, solid resume and quality loss against Notre Dame.

  1. Georgia

Their Resume: They have quality wins against Kentucky and Florida, but the 20 point loss to LSU isn’t great. It does help that LSU is a quality opponent. They do have a monumental showdown with Alabama that will decide everything.

Road to the Playoffs: They control their own destiny. Just beat Georgia Tech and Alabama and they are in.

  1. Washington State

Their Resume: They have one quality win over Utah and a close loss to USC that doesn’t look great. However, they have some blowout victories and an upcoming matchup in the Apple Cup with Washington. Washington State is hurt because the Pac 12 is bad this year.

Road to the Playoffs: Win out against Washington and Utah in the Pac-12 Championship is a start. They then need Alabama to win out, Oklahoma to lose a game, and Northwestern to win the Big Ten. It’s going to take a miracle.

  1. LSU

Their Resume: They have a great win against Georgia and quality win over Mississippi State. The Florida loss isn’t terrible and they get a small increase to the resume for the non-conference win against Miami.

Road to the Playoffs: They need a miracle that includes: Alabama winning out, Clemson losing out, Northwestern winning the Big Ten, Oklahoma losing, Washington State losing a game. They would then have a shot at the playoffs. Oh, they have to beat Texas A&M too.

  1. Oklahoma

Their Resume: No quality wins yet, but they will have West Virginia and Texas (if they beat West Virginia) left on the schedule. The Texas loss isn’t bad and only have one loss, but the problem is they’re not passing the eye test. Giving up 40 points to Kansas does not help.

Road to the Playoffs: Win out and then have Northwestern win the Big Ten. Notre Dame losing would be an interesting debate, as well as a 12-1 Oklahoma or 12-1 Ohio State debate. I think they could get in over Ohio State if it came to that.

  1. Ohio State

Their Resume: Just like Oklahoma they’re not passing the eye test. They have a quality win against Penn State, but a terrible blowout loss to Purdue. Beating Michigan would give them a great quality win, but the way they’ve been playing that is looking unlikely.

Road to the Playoffs: Win out and have Alabama win the SEC Championship would be a great start. Oklahoma losing a game would also solidify their spot in the playoff.

  1. UCF

Their Resume: Pittsburgh could be a quality win, but the rest of their schedule hurts them. If they blew everybody out that’d be one thing, but they barely won against Memphis by one point and the defense has looked bad. They do not have a resume that earns them a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Road to the Playoffs: Chaos. They need absolute chaos. They need to blowout their next two opponents to make this possible. But after that they’d need:

  • Georgia losing last two games to Georgia Tech and Alabama
  • Ohio State beating Michigan and losing to Northwestern
  • Washington State losing a game to either Washington or Utah
  • The winner of Oklahoma and West Virginia losing to Texas in the Big 12 Championship
  • LSU losing to Texas A&M

Week 12 Preview

We’re back again! I know it is the week with the least exciting matchups, but the season is winding down and this is just an appetizer to the Thanksgiving lineup of College Football action. Here are this weeks top bets!

Indiana +28.5 at Michigan

Too many points against an average Indiana team. I know Michigan has absolutely been smoking people, but 28.5 points? That spread should be reserved for Alabama and Clemson. Michigan is not on that level. Michigan wins by a few touchdowns, but not by 28.5.

Texas Tech -6 at Kansas State

Texas Tech is a pretty good football team and their offense can score some points. Even without QB Alan Bowman, Texas Tech is by far the better football team. Tech by double digits.

Cincinnati +7.5 at UCF

College Gameday will be there. However, Cincinnati needs to be the team talked about. Cincinnati’s defense is by far the best UCF has faced. And don’t give me this “UCF is undefeated” garbage. Half the SEC would be undefeated with their schedule. No I’m serious. HALF THE SEC would go undefeated with that schedule. It’ll be a tight football game, but I like Cincinnati to win outright.

Syracuse +10 at Notre Dame

Notre Dame does not consistently blow teams out. Syracuse is a good team that can score and even kept it close with Clemson. They’ll be able to keep it close and may even mess around and win the thing.

Arkansas +21.5 at Mississippi State

Arkansas is a lot better than their record says they are. Their defense may not be great, but their offense can score. Mississippi State has a great defense, but their offense can’t put up points. 21.5 points is way too many for this game.

West Virginia -5.5 at Oklahoma State UNDER 73.5

DOUBLE BET. Love West Virginia being favored by only 5.5. They are the best team in the Big 12, they can score points, and unlike the rest of the Big 12 their defense doesn’t stink. West Virginia wins big.

Also, Taylor Cornelius is not as good as the Oklahoma defense made him look. There will not be 74 points scored in this game. West Virginia wins 34-17.

Iowa State +3 at Texas

It is the end of the season. It is time for a Texas collapse. Iowa State also is undefeated since making Brock Purdy the starting quarterback. Iowa State wins, Texas fans comeback from the earlier season fantasy that “TEXAS IS BACK!”

Also how dumb is it that this game is on the Longhorn Network?

TCU at Baylor UNDER 52

TCU’s offense struggles just to get to double digits, but their defense is still pretty good. I know it’s the Big 12, but this has low scoring game written all over it. TCU wins 21-17 or something like that.

Week 8 Preview

I know. I took a few weeks off with writing reviews. But don’t think that means TGIS hasn’t been keeping an eye out across the college football landscape. I’m like Batman, always watching. I was the hero you deserved, but not the one you needed during those few weeks. But now the Dark Knight returns. LET’S START THE RUN DOWN!!!

The Run Down

Saturday Morning Hangover Games 

#8 Michigan (-7.5) at #24 Michigan State, Noon FOX

The Wolverines offense is actually looking good. They’ve averaged 40 points the past two games and have won by over 20 points in both games. But the rivalry game in East Lansing could create a closer game than it should be. Let’s see how top ten Michigan actually plays.

Gambling Advice: Take Michigan if you’re going to bet it.

#9 Oklahoma (-7.5) at TCU, Noon ABC 

The classic game of good offense vs. good defense and bad offense vs. bad defense. WHO’S GOING TO BE WORSE! This is Oklahoma’s first game since the loss to Texas and I’d expect a bounce back. But never forget… they went to OT with Army so I will never trust OU.

Gambling Advice: OU by double digits, but I’m not confident.

Auburn (-3.5) at Ole Miss, Noon ESPN

I’m not exactly sure why you’d watch this game. Auburn is bad at football and Ole Miss is bad at football. I guess we will see who’s worse?

Gambling Advice: Don’t bet. Don’t Watch 

6-Pack Deep Games

#16 NC State (+17.5) at #3 Clemson, 3:30 ESPN

An ACC undefeated showdown. Sure NC State hasn’t played anybody, but has Clemson really been that impressive either? Never know what could happen, this could be the upset of the weekend.

Gambling Advice: Take NC State. 17.5 is too many points in a game that I think will be close.

#1 Alabama (-28.5) at Tennessee, 3:30 CBS

Tennessee hasn’t beat Alabama since 2006. Alabama gets to smoke the cigars after this one.

Gambling Advice: Alabama because they’re Alabama and the over because Tua is Tua

Whiskey Night Games

#22 Mississippi State at #5 LSU (-6.5), 7:00 ESPN 

Is Mississippi State good or average? I cannot figure them out. Meanwhile LSU is coming off a huge win against Georgia and need to win out to win the SEC West. Also they have some cool helmets that change color for the night game at Death Valley

Gambling Advice: LSU at night 

#12 Oregon (+3) at #25 Washington State, 7:30 FOX

Why won’t anyone give Oregon some respect? They have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation and have proven to be dangerous. Sure this is the first time Washington State has every had College Gameday, but that is not enough to make Oregon an underdog. Oregon is the best team in the Pac-12.

Gambling Advice: Oregon, bet the money line.

One-Eye Open Game

Arizona at UCLA (-10), 10:30 ESPN2

They have a combined record of 4-9 and both teams have been a huge disappointment. It is a chance for Chip Kelly to try to get win number 2 or Kevin Sumlin to turnaround a nightmare season. Hopefully your Saturday night isn’t as bad as these two Pac-12 teams.

Gambling Advice: No idea how UCLA is 10 point favorites. So take Arizona.

Top Ten Bets

Season Record: 31-23-2

  1. Oregon (+3) at Washington State
  2. Ohio State (-12) at Purdue- Ohio State is still really good. Definitely two touchdowns better than Purdue
  3. Illinois (+24.5) at Wisconsin- What’s my rule? When Wisconsin is a double digit favorite we take the underdog
  4. USC at Utah Over 48- Utah has scored over 40 points the past two weeks. Over hits easily
  5. Tulsa at Arkansas (-6.5)- They won’t make a bowl, but Arkansas is improving. They can beat Tulsa by a touchdown
  6. Penn State (-14.5) at Indiana- Penn State can still score a lot of points and help us cover
  7. Alabama at Tennessee Over 56.5
  8. Michigan at Michigan State Over 41
  9. NC State (+17.5) at Clemson
  10. Alabama (-28.5) at Tennessee


My Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Ohio State
  4. Clemson
  5. LSU
  6. Georgia
  7. Michigan
  8. Oregon
  9. Texas
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Kentucky
  12. Florida
  13. NC State
  14. Texas A&M
  15. UCF
  16. West Virginia
  17. Cincinnati
  18. Iowa
  19. Mississippi State
  20. Michigan State
  21. Penn State
  22. Washington
  23. Washington State
  24. South Florida
  25. Stanford

Week 5 Preview

Not part of the rant of the week but… fall weddings. Seriously.

I love weddings. Seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, tearing up the dance floor, and an open bar. But can’t we do that in the spring when football isn’t on?

“The world doesn’t revolve around football.” Um yeah, it kind of does. Haven’t you noticed the streets are empty during the Super Bowl? Or how entire college campuses shut down for the football game.

Congratulations you get to love each other for the rest of your life or until the divorce attorney steps in, but I would love to celebrate that in the spring because you’re kind of ruining everyone’s marriage to their favorite college team. Really selfish of you to pick your marriage over my marriage with Alabama (got lucky this week with a noon kickoff against Louisiana-Lafayette).

So to the people that have a fall wedding, don’t complain about people being on their phones watching the game, you knew the consequences. You knew people were going to watch.

I have two weddings this fall, one is this weekend. You bet I am going to bring an extra portable charger for my phone so I can see the top ten matchups in Happy Valley and South Bend on a Saturday night. What’s worse is I have a wedding the night of November 3rd with a former Alabama fraternity brother. I’ll give you a moment to check the calendar.

*Checks calendar* OH MY GOD

I know right? Alabama at LSU in Death Valley and most definitely will be at night. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ll make sure to give all the details of the atrocities that will happen if there are no TVs or bad cell service.

My advice for fall weddings? Don’t. But back to actual football.

The Playoffs will become clearer after these next two weeks. Ohio State and Penn State look to play for the division championship already, and the winner of the Notre Dame and Stanford game will also be in really good shape. I think this week they gave us a nap time as the best games seem to start at Noon and 6:30pm. But just like last week, everyone is on upset alert (except Alabama) so sleep with one eye open on the couch and let’s get to the RUN DOWN!!!

Run Down (All Times EST)

Saturday Morning Hangover Games

#12 West Virginia (-3.5) at #25 Texas Tech, Noon ESPN2

Shoot, the Texas Tech students may actually go to this game after their upset win against Oklahoma State last week. They should be use to the 11am local time kickoff by now, but what they are not used to is being ranked.

The Texas Tech defense will be tested by QB Will Grier and one of the best offenses in the country. The Mountaineer defense has also been surprisingly pretty good.

Gambling Advice: Take West Virginia. They’ve played really well and I think the season will prove Oklahoma State is more bad than Texas Tech is good. 

Syracuse at #3 Clemson (-24.5), Noon ABC

REVENGE GAME!! Remember when 4-8 Syracuse upset Clemson on a Friday night? Dabo Swinney ‘members. Syracuse is much better this year starting 4-0 and in my opinion should be ranked. But this game isn’t in the Carrier Dome, it’s down south. Clemson should keep sleep walking to the playoffs.

Gambling Advice: Syracuse covering should seem like the obvious pick. But Clemson wants to make up for last year so I wouldn’t bet the house.

Six Pack Deep Games

Baylor at #6 Oklahoma (-23.5), 3:30 ABC

Well Oklahoma went to overtime with Army, guess they can go to overtime with just about anybody. Baylor only lost by 8 points last year so this could be a potential surprise game. This is one you watch, but once Kyler Murray starts slinging it all over the field against the Baylor defense just change the channel.

Gambling Advice: I have no clue. That’s my advice. I guess Oklahoma? Bees? I’m Ron Burgundy?

#18 Texas (-8.5) at Kansas State, 3:30 FS1

Texas is back! No I already told you that wasn’t true, but Kansas State is bad this year. Like really bad. Like beat South Dakota by 3 bad. Like maybe not even bowl eligible bad. If Texas struggles here we can officially put Texas back on the not actually back list like we do every year.

Gambling Advice: The game being in Manhattan makes me pause, but there should be no reason Texas doesn’t win by double digits.

#14 Michigan (-14) at Northwestern, 4:30 FOX

I told you the afternoon games were a snoozer. Northwestern has surprised me by not being better this year with some decent defensive talent and a senior quarterback. We will see if Michigan dominating Nebraska was a fluke. They won’t be able to run the ball as well against Northwestern.

Gambling Advice: Northwestern loses by 10. Michigan won’t have as much offense.

Whiskey Night Games

Florida at #23 Mississippi State (-7.5), 6:00 ESPN

The return of Dan Mullen to Starkville is a great appetizer before the top ten match-ups. Florida’s loss to Kentucky actually doesn’t look bad anymore. Plus Dan Mullen knows every player still in Starkville better than Joe Moorhead himself.

Also, I have finally declared that Mississippi State is not actually good despite my preseason optimism.

Gambling Advice: Florida covers and may even win 

#4 Ohio State (-3.5) at #9 Penn State, 7:30 ABC

This is basically to see who will win the Big Ten. I don’t see anybody but these two teams winning it unless Wisconsin pulls the upset in the championship game. Penn State has the homefield advantage which is the only reason I pause, but Ohio State has the better team and better quarterback. Look for a lot of points especially with the Buckeyes missing Nick Bosa.

Gambling Advice: Ohio State wins by 7 and the Over 70 points hit. 

#7 Stanford at #8 Notre Dame (-5.5), 7:30 NBC

If you would’ve asked me this game a week ago I would’ve said Stanford. But after that debut of new Notre Dame starting quarterback Ian Book, I’m a believer in the Irish. Now Ian Book was facing Wake Forest who somehow gave up 41 points to Boston College, but the offense looked totally different. Stanford somehow won against Oregon even with only rushing for 70 yards, but Notre Dame has a tough defense too.

Gambling Advice: Notre Dame wins at home by 7. The Over 54 hits too as I’m a full believer in the new Notre Dame offense.

#20 BYU at #11 Washington (-17.5), 8:30 FOX

BYU’s defense is not that bad and Washington’s offense is not very good. The over/under in this game shows that at 45.5. I honestly have no idea why the line is so big here, I really feel BYU could even pull the upset.

I think after this week people will finally see that Washington is not very good.

Gambling Advice: New Gambling strategy. Bet against Washington when they’re double digit favorites. BYU loses by a field goal.

One-Eye Open Game

#19 Oregon (-3) at #24 California, 10:30 FS1

Oregon lost a game they dominated. Until the collapse, I would venture out to say they looked like a top ten team in the nation. Now they have to regroup and play a Cal team that have won close games against North Carolina and BYU. I don’t know if the kids at Berkeley will be studying or at the football game, but I know I will be

Gambling Advice: Vegas says to never take a road team off a heartbreaking defeat… But I’m not Vegas. I’m a sucker that says Oregon is 20 points better than California and should not have a problem.

Top Bets of the Week

Season Record: 24-15-2
Last Week’s Record: 7-7-1

Little bit of a rough week last week (thanks TCU). We’re turning it around this week though!

  1. Louisiana Tech at North Texas (-7.5)- BET UNT. They have won every game by at least 23 points
  2. BYU (+17.5) at Washington
  3. Oregon (-3) at California
  4. Boise State at Wyoming Over 45.5- Boise State plays to fast for this over not to hit. They may score 40 points by themselves
  5. Purdue (-3.5) at Nebraska- Purdue can score. Nebraska cannot. No idea why the line is this low
  6. Pittsburgh at UCF Over 65- I quickly learned I was dumb for thinking UCF couldn’t have an over 77.5. Well Pitt’s defense is bad and so is UCF’s. This is me learning
  7. West Virginia (-3.5) at Texas Tech
  8. Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (-20.5)- Arkansas may lose every SEC game by 20 points
  9. Texas (-8.5) at Kansas State
  10. Stanford at Notre Dame Over 54

Bonus Picks

  1. Ohio State (-3.5) at Penn State
  2. Ohio State at Penn State Over 70
  3. Virginia at NC State (-5)– NC State is the better team and at home
  4. Michigan at Northwestern (+14)
  5. Tennessee at Georgia Over 52- Georgia’s defense is not the same. Georgia also has scored 40+ points every game. So If Tennessee can just do a little we have the easy cover.

Rant of the Week

Well this new redshirt rule has made its mark. The new College Football rule allows a player to play in four games and still use his redshirt for the season. It was first looked at as a benefit to the coaches as they could get younger players playing time without having to burn a redshirt. But the players have took full advantage of their new right.

The past few weeks players have transferred from major programs including Clemson, Oklahoma State, and Auburn. Honestly, good for them. If a player’s situation is bad enough to transfer after four games, they should be allowed to. I’ve never been in favor of players being able to leave whenever they want with no consequences, but this seems like a good balance to keep College Football from going full free agency.

Clemson QB Kelly Bryant transferred after getting beat out by true freshman QB Trevor Lawrence. The new rule gave this senior another chance at a senior year, something he wouldn’t have had before this rule.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State had WR Jalen McCleskey transfer after not getting enough touches and Auburn had three players transfer to try and find new opportunities elsewhere. The new rule offers a great out for players in a bad situation.

On the other hand, this could leave coaches in a bind if too many players transfer. Clemson has had numerous quarterbacks transfer and now is stuck with only three scholarship quarterbacks. Nebraska has had to turn to a former walk-on as they only have two scholarship quarterbacks. The increase of transfers, especially at the quarterback position, will lead to coaches offering more quarterbacks so they do not end up in this situation. Overall, the new rule has shown to be a major win for the players.

Week 4 Review

I’m pretty sure I warned everyone before this past week. Whenever you think you have a bad lineup of games, that is where upsets happen. Boy, was I right! There were four top 25 upsets this week and Oklahoma went to overtime with Army. Virginia Tech lost to some team called Old Dominion (No, not the country band), Texas Tech shocked Oklahoma State, Texas is starting to think they’re back after beating TCU, and Mississippi State is actually not good.

Tyler’s Thoughts

No Texas is Not Back

I honestly had to re-watch this game to assess if Texas was really back. A fuzzy memory from the bars in Uptown Dallas was the cause.

But after further review: Texas is not back. TCU was the better team for almost a full three quarters of that game. However, a key to the Texas 15-point win was the turnover battle. TCU had four costly turnovers including two interceptions and a fumble by young QB Shawn Robinson. Robinson actually had an alright day other than the crucial turnovers.

If these teams played a rematch I’d lean towards TCU, but the after game assessment is TCU is worse than we thought and Texas is just a little better than we thought. I look at Texas as a seven or eight win team.

By the way, one of the worst decisions I saw all week was TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson punt on 4th and 4 with 2:36 left in the fourth quarter down 15 points. Time is your enemy at that point. Punting took over a minute off the clock and backed TCU up to their own 22. It was a give up play and one of the worst coaching decisions of the year.

Where did the ACC go

After the Virginia Tech loss to Old Dominion, Clemson and Miami look like the only real contenders. Duke is undefeated, but unproven. It looks like Clemson should have a nice walk to the College Football Playoffs. I say should, but they’ve been known to trip to bad teams (last year loss against 4-8 Syracuse). If they lose, they could be looking at a similar situation as Wisconsin last year where they may not have enough quality wins to make it.

Oregon Blew it

Oregon absolutely gave the game away to Stanford. Oregon was the best team through all four quarters, but two costly fumbles gave Stanford a chance. They outgained Stanford in yardage 524-398, and held Stanford to just 71 yards rushing! Not only that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where the quarterback completes over 90% of his passes in regulation and doesn’t win the game. Justin Herbert was fantastic and I’m still processing how exactly they lost that game.

Now I did pick Oregon to make the College Football Playoff and that pick was looking very good through the first half. Oregon would’ve controlled the Pac 12 North with the tie-breaker against Stanford. I actually really like Oregon to beat Washington in three weeks as I see no shot of Washington’s offense being able to keep up with Oregon’s in Eugene. The Pac 12 North race should be a fun one.

Notre Dame has found their guy

Not sure if you paid attention to this noon game, but the Notre Dame offense looks ten times better with Ian Book starting at quarterback. He completed 73 percent of his passes and threw for 325 yards against Wake Forest in a 56-27 win. Notre Dame could be a legitimate playoff contender if the offense keeps this up.

Tua May Not Play a 4th quarter until November

Tua is gone til November. Texas A&M was no competition for Alabama and their October looks like a breeze. They play Louisiana-Lafayette, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee before the November 3rd game against LSU. Missouri has the only shot of forcing Tua into the 4th quarter if QB Drew Lock can score enough points, but that’s doubtful. ESPN has taken notice and scheduled the next two Alabama games for noon. This may be the first case of a team being so good they get moved to noon because it’s over by the end of the first quarter.

My Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Ohio State
  4. LSU
  5. Clemson
  6. West Virginia
  7. Stanford
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Penn State
  10. Notre Dame
  11. Auburn
  12. Miami
  13. UCF
  14. Washington
  15. Kentucky
  16. Duke
  17. Michigan
  18. Oregon
  19. California
  20. BYU
  21. Wisconsin
  22. North Texas
  23. Syracuse
  24. NC State
  25. South Carolina

AP Mess of the Week

What a week for the AP Poll. The voters have legitimately forgot about games that happened less than three weeks ago. The problem is the voters are ranking week by week instead of looking at the total resume. There are so many examples to choose from:

#18 Texas (3-1) lost to Unranked Maryland (3-1) in Week One 34-29

#15 Wisconsin (3-1) lost to #20 BYU (3-1) in Week Three 24-21

#25 Texas Tech (3-1) lost to Unranked Ole Miss (3-1) in Week One 47-27

But my pick goes to undefeated #24 California being ranked behind #20 BYU even though California beat BYU on the road in Week Two 21-18. BYU doesn’t have a better record or the head-to-head advantage yet the AP voters think BYU should be ranked ahead? I get that BYU has an impressive win over Wisconsin, but it does not erase the fact that California went on the road and took down BYU. We need the Playoff Committee to straighten this out soon.

Week 4 Preview

Week 4 is a lackluster lineup with only two top 25 matchups this week. But with this comes a time for reflection. Remember in Week 0 when we stayed up excited for New Mexico State and Wyoming because football was back? That was only one month ago. Let’s keep the football is back attitude all year! Plus, it is quiet weekends like these where upsets happen. Let’s start the run down!

Run Down (All Times EST)

Friday Night Frenzy

Florida Atlantic at #16 UCF (-13.5), 7:00 ESPN

CLEAR YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT! CANCEL YOUR DATE! INVITE THE BOYS OVER! We have Lane Kiffin AKA Joey Freshwater going up to Orlando for a Florida showdown. The winner will be in prime position for the top team in the group of five. UCF quarterback struggled against South Carolina State throwing 3 interceptions in a 38-0 win. He won’t be able to get away with that against Florida Atlantic.

Gambling Advice: I like FAU to keep it close. Maybe even pull the upset. Also the over/under is set at 77!! FAU doesn’t have a bad defense and neither offense has lit it up. Hammer the under.

Washington State at USC (-3.5), 10:30 ESPN

USC has been terrible. Sam Darnold must’ve really been holding that team together last year. As for Washington State they’ve won by more than 20 points each game with their toughest opponent being Wyoming. Who knows what’ll happen… which makes for a great Friday night.

Gambling Advice: Stay away. The Cougars are unproven and USC is bad. This could go either way, but if you have to bet go Washington State.

Saturday Morning Hangover Games

#2 Georgia (-14) at Missouri, Noon ESPN

If you want to take a nice nap that’s ok too. Georgia should be in no trouble against a team that had to sneak out of Purdue with a last second field goal. Missouri QB Drew Lock is very good and the offense could put up some points, but the defense is nowhere near being able to stop Georgia.

Gambling Advice: Georgia wins in a blowout.

#8 Notre Dame (-7.5) at Wake Forest, Noon ABC

Notre Dame is playing ,so the game is going to be close. They couldn’t blow out Ball State and barely survived Vanderbilt. Let’s see how they handle going on the road to Winston-Salem.

Gambling Advice: Wake Forest keeps it close and maybe wins. Take Wake Forest and the points.

6-Pack Deep Games

#22 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama (-27), 3:30 CBS

The Aggies made it interesting against Clemson, but this Bama team is a totally different animal. Tua Tagovailoa hasn’t played an entire game yet because of how big their leads are. The Aggies are the toughest defense Alabama has played, but it won’t be good enough to slow down the offense with Tua on the field.

Gambling Advice: Alabama’s covered the past three games, the strong bet is for them to cover again. Also over 61 with Kellen Mond scoring a few touchdowns.

#17 TCU (-3) at Texas, 4:30 FOX

No. Texas is still not good. They beat a bad USC team that featured a few very questionable calls (how was that not a safety??). TCU on the other hand put on a very strong performance against Ohio State. Think everyone can head to 6th street a little early with TCU winning by double digits.

Gambling Advice: ALL THE MONEY ON TCU

Whiskey Night Games

#14 Mississippi State (-10) at Kentucky 7:00 ESPN2

I still think Mississippi State is one of the most underrated teams in college football. The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide are the only two teams to average more than 50 ppg and give up less than 10 ppg. Kentucky is alright, but Mississippi State wins by double digits.

Gambling Advice: Bet Mississippi State

Texas Tech at #15 Oklahoma State (-13), 7:00 FS1

Oklahoma State may be one of the most surprising teams in college football. Their defense is actually pretty good and Taylor Cornelius does a good job managing the offense. Texas Tech has found their rhythm over the past few weeks on offense including putting up 63 points against Houston. I still can’t get over them only scoring 27 points against Ole Miss though.

Gambling Advice: Think Oklahoma State wins a close one. Also bet the under 77.5. Oklahoma State hasn’t gave up more than 21 points all year. Texas Tech should obviously score more than that, but they won’t get to 78.

#7 Stanford (-2) at #20 Oregon, 8:00 ABC

A really good Pac-12 matchup. Oregon was my pick to be the surprise team at the start of year and so far they haven’t disappointed. But Stanford has also looked really good even though their win against USC looks less impressive. Saturday night in Eugene will be tough and I think the game will be close.

Gambling Advice: Not confident, but give me Oregon and the two points.

#18 Wisconsin (-3)  at Iowa, 8:30 FOX

Can Wisconsin avoid losing 2 in a row? That would turn “Jump Around” into “Sit Down.” Wisconsin really has not been that impressive at all in the past three games. Iowa holding Iowa State to 3 points looks more impressive after Iowa State scoring 27 points against Oklahoma. Iowa is a good football team and the home game at night will be a major advantage.

Gambling Advice: Iowa in a close one. Take the points. Also 43.5 is a very low over/under. Think the over hits.

One-Eye Open Game

Arizona State at #10 Washington (-17.5), 10:30 ESPN

Huskies continue the Pac-12 at dark tradition from last week. The offense looked horrible last week against Utah and was a much closer game than it seemed. Arizona State also had a tough loss against San Diego State.

Gambling Advice: Washington’s offense right now looks like it can barely score 17 points. They’re supposed to cover by 17.5 points? Bet Arizona State in a potential upset.

Top Bets of the Week

Season Record: 17-8-1
Last Week’s Record: 9-5

  1. TCU -3 at Texas
  2. North Texas -13.5 at Liberty– They just beat Arkansas by 27 points and the closest game has been a 23 point win. They can handle beating Liberty by 14.
  3. Georgia -14 at Missouri
  4. Miss State -10 at Kentucky
  5. Nebraska +19.5 at Michigan– Nebraska isn’t good, but they have a little bit of defense. That’s enough to keep it within 19.5 points.
  6. FAU at UCF Under 77
  7. Boston College -6.5 at Purdue– How is Purdue going to stop AJ Dillion? Answer: They’re not going to be able to.
  8. NC State -5 at Marshall– NC State is much better than Marshall. They cover the 5 points easily.
  9. East Carolina +24 at South Florida– South Florida barely beat Illinois. How are they going to cover 24 points against East Carolina?
  10. Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Under 77.5

Bonus Picks

  1. Kansas State at West Virginia -16– West Virginia has a lot of offense. Kansas State is bad. West Virginia is going to win by 20+
  2. Pittsburgh -4.5 at North Carolina– North Carolina has been off for a week and still has players suspended. Pittsburgh should win.
  3. Arizona State +17.5 at Washington
  4. Clemson -17 at Georgia Tech– Georgia Tech has looked awful. I think Clemson finally puts together a solid blowout this week.
  5. Florida Atlantic +13.5 at UCF

Rant of the Week

My rant this week is about having nothing to rant about. Why is everyone being so rational? Nobody is saying the Big Ten is the best conference, a terrible team is playoff bound, or arguing strength of schedule. It is extremely early and I know in about one month I’m going to have five things to rant about, but right now there is nothing.

I even went on twitter trying to get triggered. I’ve done everything this week and nothing has helped. Maybe I’m just not grouchy enough. I’m not old enough to be yelling at clouds. I’m just not cut out for this college football writing stuff.

But then I remembered there is one absolute terrible college football analyst with the most ridiculous takes. A guy that could spin just about anything into a terrible take. Let’s see what terrible take he has for the week!

*Opens Twitter, Searches Danny Kanell, Scrolls past tweets*

I give up. Here’s your rant about nothing. Sorry for wasting the past 5 minutes of your life.

Week 3 Review

Here come the top ten upsets! Wisconsin and Auburn were both upset by double digit underdogs BYU and LSU. Those were not the only upsets as the Big Ten had seven teams lose to unranked nonconference teams. The most since 1936! And there were people that said the Big Ten was the best conference…

Overall it was a pretty exciting week 3 and next week conference play picks up. Here’s some thoughts from the action on Saturday.

Tyler’s Thoughts

LSU has the best resume in the country

It may not be sexy. But LSU keeps on beating good teams. They’ve beaten #21 Miami and #9 Auburn which is by far the best resume out there. LSU still has major challenges awaiting including three straight games starting October 13th against Georgia, Mississippi State, and Alabama.

If the playoff committee met today though, you’d have a hard time convincing me they wouldn’t be in the top 4.

It’s Alabama’s world, we are just living in it

 For about two minutes I thought Ole Miss could make it interesting. DK Metcalf broke loose on a go route for a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the game. After that, Alabama made Ole Miss look like a high school defense. I honestly want to know what a full game of Tua looks like.

But the biggest surprise was the Alabama secondary. Ole Miss has three legitimate NFL receivers and they could not move the ball. Taking out the 75 yard opening pass, Jordan Ta’amu went 6/21, 58 yards, and 2 INTs. The defense is a strength again for Alabama. 

Time to pump the brakes on Oklahoma 

I was all in on Oklahoma after the first two weeks of football. Week 3 made me reassess. The offense is fantastic again and Kyler Murray is an explosive athlete at quarterback. However, this defense is rough.

Iowa State, who scored 3 points against Iowa last week, had their backup quarterback throw for 360 yards against Oklahoma. If the secondary can’t figure it out, there are going to be some shootouts against teams like TCU, West Virginia and Oklahoma State. Not to mention if they have to play elite teams like Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State in the playoffs.

Pac 12 South may be the worst division of all-time 

There is only one team in the Pac-12 South that is undefeated through three games. Colorado is the only undefeated team and they needed a last second hold against 1-2 Nebraska. It is incredible that either Colorado, Arizona State, Utah, Arizona, USC, or UCLA will be in the Pac-12 championship. The winner of the Pac-12 North is going to roll over whoever wins the South.

My Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Ohio State
  4. LSU
  5. Clemson
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Mississippi State
  8. Stanford
  9. West Virginia
  10. Penn State
  11. Auburn
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Oklahoma State
  14. Oregon
  15. Virginia Tech
  16. Miami
  17. UCF
  18. TCU
  19. Washington
  20. Texas A&M
  21. Iowa
  22. Michigan
  23. Wisconsin
  24. Duke
  25. North Texas

AP Mess of the Week

There’s honestly nothing too bad this week. Having LSU ranked sixth is a little low considering their resume, but it’s debatable. I guess I will focus on a specific voter this week… Soren Petro.

Soren has Alabama the 3rd ranked team in the nation behind Clemson and Georgia. Now I don’t know if Soren has a television in Leawood, Kansas or he just hates the Tide, but how can you watch Alabama and not think they’re the top team in the nation? They’ve dominated on both sides of the ball. I do not understand how a 1-point win against Texas A&M screams that Clemson is the number one team in the nation Mr. Petro.

TGIS Preview- Week 3



Instead this dang hurricane is out here wreckin’ our football! Brilliant, CTE-free, football scientist Danny Kanell had the great idea of not canceling the football games until everyone has traveled to the place where the hurricane is supposed to hit:

It may be news to Danny, but the goal of hurricane evacuation is to get out of the way of the hurricane. Maybe at Florida State, Kanell should have got out of the way of a few more Miami Hurricanes then he would be able to see this clearly. But I will go easy on him since Florida State and the ACC are a dumpster fire.

In all seriousness, stay safe East Coast.

Now moving onto the football that isn’t cancelled, we have our rundown of the week!

The Run Down (All Times EST)

Thursday Happy Hour Game

Boston College (-5.5) at Wake Forest, 5:30 ESPN

Yes, you read that right. A 5:30 game. Boston College goes from playing Holy Cross to traveling to play the Demon Deacons. Heisman hopeful AJ Dillon should run wild against a Wake Forest team that barely escaped the Green Wave in New Orleans. No, I’m not talking about a sea of Dos Equis, I’m talking about the Tulane Green Wave.

Gambling Advice: Take Boston College, they’ll win by double digits.

Saturday Morning Hangover Games

#5 Oklahoma (-17) at Iowa State, Noon ABC

REVENGE GAME!! Last year Iowa State went to Norman and pulled off the upset. This year Oklahoma has been killing everybody. Sure they haven’t had much competition with UCLA and FAU, but their offense looks legit. Iowa State on the other hand scored 3 points against Iowa last week and have a hurt quarterback.

Gambling Advice: OU smokes them. Take Oklahoma.

Florida State (-3) at Syracuse, Noon ESPN

Just how far are the Seminoles going to fall. The Willie Taggart era hasn’t started smoothly with a blowout loss to Virginia Tech and close game against Samford. We will see if Florida State can turn it around in the Carrier Dome.

Gambling Advice: Stay away. Florida State is unpredictable right now which is never good for betting.

6-Pack Down Afternoon Games

Vanderbilt at #8 Notre Dame (-14), 2:30 NBC

It’s always nice seeing a SEC team go into South Bend, even if Vanderbilt doesn’t exactly scream SEC atmosphere. Notre Dame is coming off a not impressive 8-point win against Ball State. Meanwhile, Vanderbilt actually has been playing some decent football against weaker opponents.

Gambling Advice: Take Vanderbilt and the 14 points. They may not win, but they’ll cover. Vanderbilt has a decent defense and Notre Dame’s offense has only averaged 24 points a game. Might as well take the Under 52 points while you’re at it.

#12 LSU at #7 Auburn (-9.5), 3:30 CBS

Best game of the week. SEC Football. Top 15 Matchup. This is what fall is all about. Both of these teams have had impressive non-conference wins, but Saturday will show which one is the real threat to Alabama in the SEC West.

Gambling Advice: I don’t get the 9.5-point spread. I think it is going to be a close game and I’m not confident who is going to win. But give me LSU and the points.

#17 Boise State at #24 Oklahoma State (-2.5), 3:30 ESPN

The best group of five team with a legitimate power five matchup. Nobody is talking about how good this Boise State team is. They have a legitimate quarterback in Brett Rypien and a very good defense. Oklahoma State’s quarterback, Taylor Cornelius, on the other hand hasn’t played as well. Think Boise State is the better team and comes out with a win in Stillwater. Cowboys fans will need a few Payne County Painkillers at Copper Penny (You Shotgun a Red Bull with Alcohol in it… so I’ve heard).

Gambling Advice: Boise State +2.5 and take the over 62.5.

Houston (-1) at Texas Tech, 4:15 FOX

Red Raiders and Cougars in Lubbock. Tech students will be glad it’s not a 11am kickoff, but it could be the last non-conference game for Kliff Kingsbury. Especially with a 1-2 start before Big 12 play even starts. Houston blew out an unimpressive Arizona team and I think they win a close one against Texas Tech.

Gambling Advice: Bet Houston.

Whiskey Night Games

#1 Alabama (-21) at Ole Miss, 7:00 ESPN

The Rebels have offense, but absolutely no defense. Tua may accidentally throw for 500 yards. The Alabama secondary will be tested, but Bama hasn’t gave up at least 30 points since Deshaun Watson in the 2016 National Championship. Ole Miss will keep it closer than last year when they lost 66-3, but Alabama still wins big. At least the Rebels still have the Grove. And a $75 cover at the Library.

Gambling Advice: Alabama, Alabama, Alabama

#4 Ohio State (-12.5) vs. #15 TCU, 8:00 ABC (Arlington)

The first test for Ohio State. Dwayne Haskins and the Buckeye’s offense has looked elite against mediocre competition. TCU’s defense will be a little bit more of a test. The TCU offense isn’t bad also as they’ve scored 40+ points against non-FBS competition. This is going to be new QB Shawn Robinson’s first test.

Gambling Advice: Ohio State wins by two touchdowns and the Over 60 points hits

#22 USC at Texas (-3), 8:00 FOX

Honestly both of these teams aren’t very good. They’re big name College Football programs that have very little offense. USC scored just 3 points against Stanford and Texas hasn’t scored more than 30 points all season. Texas could only beat Tulsa by seven points. I guess enjoy 6th street because both of these teams are extremely average this year.

Gambling Advice: Take USC +3

One-Eye Open Game

#10 Washington (-6.5) at Utah, 10:00 ESPN

Have to stay up for this one because it could be a Pac-12 After Dark upset. Top ten team traveling to play a late night game in Utah sounds like an upset recipe to me.

Gambling Advice: Stay Away, unless you need some entertainment. Then I’d go Utah and the points

Top 10 Bets of the Week

1. LSU (+9.5) at Auburn
2. Missouri (-7) at Purdue– Purdue is not very good and Missouri can score some points. Mizzou by double digits.
3. USC (+3) at Texas
4. Alabama (-21) at Ole Miss
5. Boise State (+2.5) at Oklahoma State
6. Ohio State vs. TCU (Over 60)
7. Georgia Southern at Clemson (Over 44.5)– This line confuses me. Georgia Southern has scored 30+ the past two weeks and Clemson could score 45 points by themselves. I’d watch the weather though.
8. Boston College (-5.5) at Wake Forest
9. Houston (-1) at Texas Tech
10. Vanderbilt (+14) at Notre Dame

Bonus Picks

1. Vanderbilt at Notre Dame (Under 52)
2. Boise State at Oklahoma State (Over 62.5)
3. BYU (+21) at Wisconsin– Wisconsin hasn’t covered the last two weeks. BYU isn’t a bad team and Wisconsin struggles blowing these teams out.
4. Rutgers (+3) at Kansas– I get it. Kansas won last week. But they’re still Kansas and I don’t think they can beat Rutgers.


Rant of the Week

Why is fumbling out of the end zone a touchback? Down 28-20 with 2:13 left, Quartney Davis for Texas A&M made a move for the pylon and fumbled. It looked like the ball went to the left of the pylon, but replay didn’t have a good enough angle to overturn it. Clemson’s ball.

But my question is why should Clemson get the ball. They never recovered the fumble and the possession was last with Texas A&M. It remains one of the dumbest “it is what it is” rules in not only College Football, but in every level of football. There is no reason for Clemson in this case to get the ball. How fumbling at the one-yard line somehow turns into the other team’s ball at the twenty is mind-boggling.

Let’s say they did change the rule. Wouldn’t that make football more exciting? It would mean more diving for the pylon and not worrying about losing the ball out of bounds. Changing the rule makes sense and would add more excitement to the game.

Week 2 Review

Two weeks! It’s been two weeks of College Football and the picture of who’s good and who’s bad has started to take shape. Michigan State and Florida- Bad. Georgia and Oklahoma- Good.

NCAAF 2018 Texas A&M vs Clemson Sept 8But with three months still to go, the playoff picture is far from set and conference play is ready to start. We learned a lot from non-conference play. We learned the SEC West is by far the best division in football with Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M. The Big Ten East was highly overrated with Michigan and Michigan State already having a loss on the resume. Penn State was pretty close too against Big Ten Homewrecker Appalachian State.

However, the biggest lesson I’ve learned? THE ACC STINKS! Seriously. The Coastal division has only two undefeated teams left. Florida State looks like a Sun Belt team. North Carolina got blown out by ECU. Who the heck is going to beat Clemson? Clemson’s toughest opponent left is probably NC State and they struggled against James Madison. Clemson may not have room to slip up. Think they could be the Wisconsin of last year where if they lose in the conference championship, they won’t make the College Football Playoff.

As for me, I’ve spent the past few weeks at a bachelor party in Miami and watching Aaron Rodgers come back from the dead in Green Bay. Halftime at the Packer game was as hopeless as I’ve felt since… halftime in the National Championship. But just like Tua, Rodgers put the team on his back and put Chicago fans into the pit of misery.

dwayne-haskins-090118jpg_6k9fmkkhag961n5awduxamvqkThis next weekend I will be taking a trip to Jerry World for the showdown between Ohio State and TCU. The first big challenge for Ohio State without Urban Meyer. Dwayne Haskins is not talked about nearly enough as he has been really impressive for the Buckeyes. He’s better than JT Barrett. I repeat. HE’S BETTER THAN JT BARRETT. I know he’s played against Oregon State and Rutgers, but I think the Buckeyes are for real.

Here are some more thoughts I’ve had around College Football:

Tyler’s Thoughts

Alabama’s schedule doesn’t look like a walk in the park anymore


The lazy analysis of the twitter commenters. Now I’m not going to say their non-conference schedule this year is tough, but Alabama may have one of the toughest schedules in all of college football. I mean pray for the entire SEC West, especially Arkansas, that there are that many quality teams in one division. All should be ranked in the top 25 and I’d argue Bama, LSU, Auburn, and Mississippi State are all top 10 teams. Alabama will have to play three of those teams in November. We’ll also get to see how good Texas A&M is when they go to Bryant-Denny on September 22nd.

Oklahoma’s Offense

KylerWell. Kyler Murray can play. Oklahoma is back into form with scoring a lot of points and playing a little defense. They won’t have to play that much defense considering their next opponent, Iowa State, put up just 3 points against Iowa. Oklahoma again is the team to beat in the Big 12. I will say Rodney Anderson out for the year is a bigger blow than people are making it out to be. The guy is one of the best running backs in college football and will be needed against big time opponents down the stretch.

Texas is STILL Not Back

The last two years I’ve picked Texas to finish 8-4. I don’t know when I’m going to learn. This team isn’t good. They lost to Maryland and then beat Tulsa by seven points. TULSA! Their schedule doesn’t get any easier with USC, TCU and Oklahoma over the next month. I thought because Tom Herman was starting to recruit Texas well that this was the year things would start to turnaround. Nope, they still stink.

Boise State is the best Group of Five team, not UCF

Connecticut_Boise_St_Football_93405Not sure if anyone has been paying attention, but Boise State and their senior quarterback Brett Rypien are tearing it up. Boise State outgained UConn 818 to 193 yards. That’s a difference of 625 yards! They didn’t even look like they should be on the same field.

UCF also played UConn, they only outgained them by 166 yards. Boise State has a big matchup with Oklahoma State this week, but I’d bet UCF is the team to trip up this year and not Boise State.

My Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Ohio State
4. Clemson
5. Wisconsin
6. Oklahoma
7. Auburn
8. Notre Dame
9. LSU
10. Mississippi State
11. Stanford
12. West Virginia
13. Virginia Tech
14. Oregon
15. TCU
16. Penn State
17. Boise State
18. UCF
19. Washington
20. Miami
21. Texas A&M
22. Michigan
23. Utah
24. Houston
25. Boston College

AP Mess of the Week

If you’ve been following me, I’m always critical of the AP poll. Part of the reason is many AP voters have no idea what they are doing. Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press voted Florida State number 25 after a blowout loss to Virginia Tech and narrowly escaping Samford. No, not Stanford… Samford. I sometime wonder if these voters even watch college football. Thankfully they have no say in the playoffs.

The AP Mess of the Week goes to ranking Michigan State and not ranking Texas A&M. What has been impressive about the Spartans to get them ranked? Was it their close win against Utah State or their narrow loss to Arizona State? All I know is both teams are 1-1 and A&M went to the wire with who the AP voters voted number 2 in Clemson. Yet a loss to the 23rd ranked Sun Devils is much more impressive.

TGIS Preview- Week 1

The Run Down (All Times EST)

Early Hangover Games

It’s 10am. You look to your left. There’s a 1/4 full Miller Lite can on your night stand. Your mind goes to last night watching Wisconsin vs. Western Kentucky at the bar and that’s the last thing you remember. All of a sudden it hits you… COLLEGE GAMEDAY IS LIVE FROM SOUTH BEND. You quickly rustle around for the remote in your bed. Finally, Lee Corso is in your room on a Saturday morning again.

The early slate is awesome. So much intrigue. Better somehow find three TVs because the schedule makers are shoving high-level football action right in your face.

#23 Texas (-13) vs. Maryland, Noon FS1 (Landover)

‘Member when Texas lost to Maryland in the home opener last year. ‘Member when they were favored by 14. Ya I remember. Maryland then lost three quarterbacks by the third game of the season and finished the year 4-8. Have to tune in to find out if Texas is back.

Gambling Advice: Stay away. Maryland is in hot water with their abusive environment and you never know what you’re going to get from Texas early.

Florida Atlantic at #7 Oklahoma (-21), Noon Fox

LANE KIFFIN AGAINST A POWERHOUSE. LANE KIFFIN AGAINST A POWERHOUSE. This is not a drill. We have highly entertaining Lane and a pretty good FAU team going to try to upset the Sooners in Norman. FAU was one of the hottest group of five teams last season and now they have a 25-year old offensive coordinator coaching his first game against Oklahoma. FAU’s defense isn’t bad either, this game will be entertaining early.

Gambling Advice: I like FAU to cover. Oklahoma struggled on defense last year so I think star RB Devin Singletary will put up some points. OU still wins, but not by over 21.

Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech (-2.5), Noon ESPN (Houston)

I don’t know what happened, but Ole Miss isn’t being respected at all. The Rebels (Black Bears? Landsharks? I don’t know what you want me to call you guys) have one of the best trio of wide receivers in the country. Add a pretty good quarterback and points will be put up. Tech is used to the 11am local time kickoffs and their defense will be much better than in years past. However, their offense is questionable for the first time in awhile with a lack of receiver talent and a major question at the quarterback position. Ole Miss is not very good defensively. So there’s a classic matchup of good offense vs. decent defense and subpar offense vs. bad defense.

Gambling Advice: Give me Ole Miss and the 2.5 points. They finished the year hot last year and will be a lot for the Red Raiders to handle. Also over 68 points is the right call here.

6-Pack Down Afternoon Games

Now that you’ve got your right thumb hitting the previous button on the remote back in College Football watching mode, it’s time for some great afternoon games.

#6 Washington vs. #9 Auburn (-2.5), 3:30 pm ABC (Atlanta)

Welcome to Atlanta where the players play. We got Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham throwing to Ryan Davis all day. But Auburn has to stop RB Myles Gaskin since you’re askin’. And that defensive line may be up to taskin’…. AND I’ll stop. I’ve never been a Jake Browning fan and it didn’t go well the last time he was in Atlanta (2016 loss to Alabama 24-7). Close game, but give me Stidham over Browning.

Gambling Advice: Auburn wins by 7. Also the under 48.5.

Tennessee vs. #17 West Virginia (-10), 3:30 pm CBS (Charlotte)

Will Grier and the Mountaineers have been the Big 12 sleeper pick of the summer. But the defense has major questions so I have no idea. Speaking of questions, the entire program of Tennessee is a question right now. I have no idea what product Coach Pruitt is going to put out there. It could be decent or it could be awful and they give up 56 points. Either way I’m here for it.

Gambling Advice: I’d lean towards West Virginia, but I have no clue on Tennessee so I may stay away… Or I’ll end up betting West Virginia six minutes before kickoff.

Whiskey Night Games

#14 Michigan (-1) at #12 Notre Dame, 7:30 pm NBC

Is this the year Jim Harbaugh finally puts it all together at Michigan? I mean finishing 4th in his own division isn’t what he was hired for. But that defense is loaded and Shea Patterson gives the offense at least a heart beat. I like the Fighting Irish defense, but that offense won’t score many points against Michigan.

Gambling Advice: Michigan. Michigan. Michigan.

Louisville vs. #1 Alabama (-25), 8:00 pm ABC (Orlando)

After all the offseason talk, let’s watch… Tua start the game and run up the score on Louisville. I don’t think Louisville will be able to score many points either. Think this is a down Cardinal team. Wish this was a year earlier and we had the chance to see Lamar Jackson vs. Alabama’s Defense. Also still want to see 2017 Oklahoma vs. 2017 Alabama.

Gambling Advice: Never bet against Nick Saban in an opening game matchup. Also take the under 59 points. Louisville won’t score a ton and I think Bama takes the pedal off in the fourth quarter.

One-Eye Open Game

BYU at Arizona (-11.5), 10:45 pm

Just watch Khalil Tate until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore.

Gambling Advice: Take Arizona and wake up in the morning a winner. BYU is still bad and Arizona will be a surprise team in the Pac-12 this year.


#25 LSU vs. #8 Miami (-3), Sunday 7:30 pm ABC (Arlington)

You rested all day and now you’re ready for a Sunday Showdown with Miami and LSU. It’ll be interesting to see if LSU is able to get any offensive production this year. The defense will be good and will slow Miami down. However, Miami’s defense is solid and will keep LSU from scoring. Low scoring, Close game, Miami wins.

Gambling Advice: I think I’m going to stay away. Miami ended the year awfully, but so did LSU. If anything I’d take the under 48.

#20 Virginia Tech (+7) at #19 Florida State, Monday 8:00 pm ABC

This game is not getting enough hype. Monday Night. ACC Football. Top 20 matchup. What a huge game with ACC Championship implications IN THE FIRST WEEK! As for the game it is tough to play an away season opener, but I think not enough respect is going to the Hokies. Florida State has Deondre Francois back, but the defense is young. Yet, so is Virginia Tech’s. Virginia Tech had a better season last year and has a better team. Virginia Tech in a close one.

Gambling Advice: Virginia Tech and give me those 7 points. I like Virginia Tech to win outright, actually.

Top 10 Bets of the Week

  1. Northwestern (+3) at Purdue– Northwestern has a Senior quarterback, their defense is loaded, their team is better, but they’re not favored? Northwestern is the easy call.
  2. North Carolina at California (-7)– This is ludicrously low. North Carolina has 13 players suspended (including their starting quarterback). California has their entire offense back and a really good running back. North Carolina has finished last in the ACC in the last five years in stopping the run. North Carolina has to fly across the country to play a 1pm local time game. This has blowout written all over it.
  3. Ole Miss (+2.5) vs. Texas Tech
  4. Michigan (-1) at Notre Dame
  5. SMU at North Texas (-4)– SMU lost their head coach and North Texas has basically their entire offense back. North Texas wins by double digits.
  6. Bowling Green at Oregon (-31.5)– Justin Herbert playing against a low level MAC team is going to be a 40 point blow-out.
  7. Florida Atlantic (+21..5) at Oklahoma
  8. BYU at Arizona (-11.5)
  9. Virginia Tech (+7) at Florida State
  10. Alabama vs. Louisville (Under 59.5)

Bonus Picks

  1. Appalachian State (+24) at Penn State– Last year Georgia didn’t even beat Appalachian State by 24 points. And Penn State is supposed to do that without Saquon Barkley? Penn State wins by double digits, but not by 24 points
  2. Washington vs. Auburn (-2.5)
  3. Alabama (-25) vs. Louisville 

My Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Georgia
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Ohio State
  6. Miami
  7. Mississippi State
  8. Auburn
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Washington
  11. Oregon
  12. Michigan
  13. Michigan State
  14. Arizona
  15. USC
  16. Notre Dame
  17. Stanford
  18. Boise State
  19. West Virginia
  20. Penn State
  21. Virginia Tech
  22. TCU
  23. Northwestern
  24. UCF
  25. South Carolina

Rant of the Week

Let’s talk about Alabama’s starting quarterback “controversy.” This has been going on, non-stop, for seven months in the national media. I’m here to say… THERE IS NO CONTROVERSY.

Jalen Hurts has been a very good game-managing quarterback for Alabama, but he has never developed as a passer. He is able to carve up the Arkansas and Ole Miss defenses of the world because of how great of a runner he is. But let’s take a look at how he has done against Top 25 Power-5 Defenses:

Florida State: 10/18 96 Yards 1 TD, 15 carries 55 yards 1 TD

LSU: 11/24 183 yards 1 TD, 14 carries 44 yards 1 TD

Mississippi State: 10/19 242 yards 1 TD, 19 carries 40 yards 1 TD

Auburn: 12/22 112 yards 1 TD, 18 carries 82 yards

Clemson: 16/24 120 yards 2 TD, 11 carries 40 yards

Georgia: 3/8 21 yards, 6 carries 47 yards

Against these tougher defenses, Hurts is a 54% passer and averages 4.2 yards per carry. The opposing defenses are able to focus on stopping the run and aren’t scared of a 54% passer. A sad fact is Hurts has never developed as a passer. For people that watch Alabama, it is the same anytime he drops back. Looks at Ridley, if he’s not open he looks to scramble out of the pocket, and then most likely he will try to run or throw it away. But then came Tua Tagovailoa.

Tua was a revelation not only in the National Championship game, but throughout the season. He would stay in the pocket, go through his reads, and would throw with arm talent Tuscaloosa hadn’t seen before. Tua displayed the ability of the weapons Alabama actually had at receiver. Nick Saban reported that when Hurts was sick for a few days in National Championship preparation practice, Tua went 54/58 against the Alabama defense. 54/58!!! This was a defense that held opponents to 53.8% passing.

Jalen has a role in the offense as a premier running quarterback in college football, but Tua is a next-level quarterback Alabama has never had during the Nick Saban tenure. If Tua is not out there taking the first snap against Louisville, it will be the first time I doubt Nick Saban mentally.