Player Page- Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson


Kevin johnson

 Position School Height Weight
CB Wake Forest 6’0″ 1/4 188
Workout Results
Bench Press N/A Broad Jump 10’10”
40 yd Dash 4.52 20 yd Shuttle 3.89
Vertical Jump 41.5 Cone Drill 6.79
Johnson thrives at corner with his elite quickness and change of direction. He displays excellent anticipation and shows great effort in run support. Kevin Johnson has good length and jumping ability to defend against jump balls. His over aggressiveness at times is concerning. He will try to over pursue and jump routes where he is very vulnerable to double moves. He also has a pretty slim frame where he could struggle at the next level in the run game. Overall though, Johnson’s length and quickness makes him a potential starter at cornerback. He will just need to be more patient with wide receivers routes and rely more on his quickness for him to succeed at the next level.

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