Alabama Commits



Charles Baldwin

Charles Baldwin

 Position Hometown Height Weight
OT  Windsor, CT 6′ 5″ 305
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 1 Scout Rank 3
Rivals Rank 5 Star 24/7 Rank 2
Composite 2 Star Rating 5 Star
Charles Baldwin is considered one of the top Junior College recruits in the nation and is an early enrollee. He has excellent raw physical tools to be a top college football offensive lineman. Getting in to Tuscaloosa early, Baldwin has a chance to step in right away and take over the right tackle job. This is one of the biggest gets of Alabama’s class.


Jonah Williams

 Position Hometown Height Weight
OT  Folsom, CA 6′ 5″ 280
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 25 Scout Rank 58
Rivals Rank 24 24/7 Rank 17
Composite 31 Star Rating 5 Star
Jonah Williams is also a highly rated early enrollee that will have the benefit of spring football. He has very good athleticism and size for a tackle. Williams will have to continue to develop technically, but plays with a solid base in pass and run protection. He will try to compete for a starting role, however I think he will most likely be groomed for a tackle position when Cam Robinson leaves.


B.J. Emmons

 Position Hometown Height Weight
RB  Morganton, NC 5′ 11″ 220
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 33 Scout Rank 40
Rivals Rank 33 24/7 Rank 35
Composite 35 Star Rating 4 Star
Ranked by many as the top running back in the nation, Bama adds quality depth for next season with B.J. Emmons. Emmons has the ability to contribute right away with his college ready size. He will still have to improve as a receiving back, but has the speed and strength to run between the tackles. Next year the Tide should roll with the three young running backs of Scarbrough, Harris and Emmons.


Kendall Jones

 Position Hometown Height Weight
DT  Killeen, TX 6′ 5″ 361
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 133 Scout Rank 14
Rivals Rank 23 DT 24/7 Rank 93
Composite 80 Star Rating 4 Star
Kendall “The Hulk” Jones is a massive human being that could develop into a great defensive tackle. Even though he is big, he has surprisingly good movement skills. He has a really good power rush and he is stout in the run game as well. Look for him to be a clog in the middle for future Alabama defenses.


Raekwon Davis

Raekwon Davis

 Position Hometown Height Weight
DT  Killeen, TX 6′ 7″ 318
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 150 Scout Rank 110
Rivals Rank 88 24/7 Rank 83
Composite 108 Star Rating 4 Star
After a few weeks of wavering on his commitment to Alabama and mulling a flip to Mississippi State, Davis announced he is sticking with the Crimson Tide. Davis has phenomenal size and strength as he gives Alabama depth along the defensive line. He will need to develop better as a pass rusher, but is stout against the run as he uses his strength to anchor. Davis has a chance to play early, but my the end of his career he should be a regular along the defensive line.


Trevon Diggs

Trevon Diggs

 Position Hometown Height Weight
WR  Rockville, MD 6′ 2″ 182
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 125 Scout Rank 115
Rivals Rank 135 24/7 Rank 113
Composite 122 Star Rating 4 Star
Trevon Diggs is a top rated wide receiver that will help the Tide’s depth. He is the brother of Stefon Diggs who is a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Diggs is also versatile enough to play corner or safety.  He has excellent length and speed to be a special defensive back as well. Diggs should develop into a nice wide receiving threat down the road or a very good defensive back.


Deonte Brown

deonte brown

 Position Hometown Height Weight
OG  Decatur, AL 6′ 3″ 340
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 126 Scout Rank 102
Rivals Rank 28 OG 24/7 Rank 176
Composite 135 Star Rating 4 Star
Deonte Brown is a massive Offensive Guard that carries his weight well. He could develop into a nice interior offensive lineman for the Tide down the line after Alphonse Taylor graduates.


Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts 2

 Position Hometown Height Weight
QB  Channelview, TX 6′ 2″ 208
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 13 QB Scout Rank 154
Rivals Rank 231 24/7 Rank 177
Composite 187 Star Rating 4 Star
Hurts is a talented dual-threat quarterback for this class who could develop into a starter late in his career. He has a bit of development to do coming from a simple high school offense. However, he shows good arm stength and build to eventually become a good quarterback. Hurts is also an early enrollee.


Chris Owens

chris ownes

 Position Hometown Height Weight
OG  Arlington, TX 6′ 3″ 312
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 76 Scout Rank 170
Rivals Rank 25 OG 24/7 Rank 178
Composite 141 Star Rating 4 Star
Chris Owens is another nationally ranked offensive guard that is very mobile. He has a great combination of power and athletic ability where he will be able to compete for playing time down the road.


Quinnen Williams

Quinnen Williams

 Position Hometown Height Weight
DE  Birmingham, AL 6′ 4″ 260
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 236 Scout Rank 198
Rivals Rank 106 24/7 Rank 159
Composite 175 Star Rating 4 Star
Quinnen Williams fits the Alabama system perfectly as a tweener between being a defensive end and defensive tackle. He’s not much of a pass rusher, but he wins with strength. Look for him to be a defensive end in Alabama’s 3-4 defense.


Brendan Scales

Brendan Scales

 Position Hometown Height Weight
TE  Wildwood, MO 6′ 4″ 235
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 18 TE Scout Rank 23 TE
Rivals Rank 24 TE 24/7 Rank 16 TE
Composite 20 TE Star Rating 3 Star
Scales is a great addition for a position of need for the Tide. While you shouldn’t expect the same type of athleticism as you see with OJ Howard, he is a decent athlete with strong hands. Look for Scales to be a good intermediate pass catcher for Alabama.


Miller Forristall

Miller Forristall 2

 Position Hometown Height Weight
TE Cartersville, GA 6′ 6″ 210
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 27 TE Scout Rank 11 TE
Rivals Rank 21 TE 24/7 Rank 17 TE
Composite 19 TE Star Rating 3 Star
Forristall will have to fill out more before he will be able to make an impact. He is a very tall, skinny tight end that demonstrates great ball skills. Forristall also demostrates above average speed. With his height, he should be able to put on solid weight with the program. He will get an early start as he is an early enrollee.


Tyler Simmons

Tyler Simmons

 Position Hometown Height Weight
WR Powder Springs, GA 5′ 11″ 191
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 86 WR Scout Rank 40 WR
Rivals Rank 70 WR 24/7 Rank 63 WR
Composite 65 WR Star Rating 3 Star
Simmons demonstrates excellent speed and strength as a wide receiver. He will have to wait his turn with the Alabama receiving core given the numerous amounts of young wide receivers  in Alabama’s program.


T.J. Simmons

TJ Simmons

 Position Hometown Height Weight
WR  Pinson, AL 6′ 2″ 189
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 108 WR Scout Rank 108 WR
Rivals Rank 57 WR 24/7 Rank 80 WR
Composite 88 WR Star Rating 3 Star
Simmons is a taller wide receiver that has just average speed. He does have great hands and is a very good route runner. Simmons will have an opportunity to build up strength early as he is an early enrollee.


Shawn Jennings

Shawn Jennings

 Position Hometown Height Weight
S  Dadeville, AL 6′ 1″ 215
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 43 S Scout Rank 48 S
Rivals Rank 40 S 24/7 Rank 38 ATH
Composite 44 S Star Rating 3 Star
Shawn Jennings is an early enrollee that has good size and decent speed. Jennings is a very good tackler, but will have to continue to develop before he sees the field. He has the versatility to play both free and strong safety.


Joshua Perry

Joshua Perry

 Position Hometown Height Weight
S Amite, LA 6′ 3″ 184
Recruiting Rankings
ESPN Rank 64 S Scout Rank 53 S
Rivals Rank 48 S 24/7 Rank 46 S
Composite 53 S Star Rating 3 Star
Joshua Perry is a very aggressive tackler, but will need to add on weight for the role he is best in. He has the frame to put on size, but will have to continue to improve in coverage as well. This is a developmental commit who could find the field later in his career.


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